Taking Off the Gloves: My Time With Plato

Plato, courtesy of wikimedia commons

Sophocles, courtesy of wikimedia commons

As most of you know, I’m an English major.  And right now I’m taking the required “Literary Theory and Criticism” course.  And we’re going way back, folks.  Way back.  To the Greeks.  Where we’re reading parts of The Illiad (which I have surprisingly never read) and Aeschylus’ Agamemnon.  We’re going back to the roots of… literature, essentially.  English literature, to be more precise, as I know that England is not the only country in the world, and many groups of people were creating their own literature way before us (China, Ancient Egypt, Japan—the list goes on).

And so now we’re getting into Plato and the philosophers, and…

Ladies and gentleman… this guy did not like literature.

Didn’t like it.

And so I think, “Okay.  Cool.  You don’t have to like it.  Not everybody likes it.”

And then, things got to the point where I wanted to take out my literary gloves and defend my academic area of study against Plato’s argumentative onslaught…

Only to find that I put on the gloves too soon.

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Re-entry, a five-sentence fiction piece

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Flaming debris soared past Sophia, heating her cheeks to scarring temperatures.

Eyes flashing open, she gasped, water droplets from clouds and locks of hair whipping against her face.

“Sop—Kkrrt…hia! Come in! Do you read?” her wrist crackled.

Lack of oxygen burning her throat, she pulled the latch at her shoulder, deploying the red parachute.

“The, agh… The Kreids blasted me— They’re back, Satsu,” she coughed into the communicator.

This was a piece inspired by Lilly McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt for this week: Falling.  Hope you enjoyed it :) I’ve never really done this kind of short blast fiction before.  It really detaches me from having to come up with some grand and eloquent, but gives me a seed for a tree if I want to grow and develop it.

Obligatory NaNoWriMo Post

It’s a little past the half way point in October, and everybody seems to be catching NaNoFever.  All the blogs that I’m subscribed to keep talking about how they’re prepping for it and making outlines and character sketches, so it’s making me want to talk about it.

But… this year will be different.

Because I’m not participating.

And that’s completely okay.

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