Monday Musings: Process Over Product


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I am a recovering perfectionist.

I have incredibly high standards when it comes to creating art for myself and critiquing the art of others. I don’t admit it often, but it’s true. I don’t mean to be a nitpicker, but I am.

Yet with each passing day, I am learning how to throw these standards off and watch them disintegrate like rusted shackles so that I can finally be the best version of myself that I was meant to be.

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Flash Fiction Friday: Nowhere to Go

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Courtesy of jsouth @

The ferris wheel clinked and clunked to another halt. Abel sat up in his seat and glanced down at the operators hundreds of feet below their orange carriage.

Cain rubbed the sweat of his palms onto jeans. “Any signs they’ll be getting the power back, friend?”

Abel shook his head. “They just keep talking and kicking the box like it’s gonna do something. You’d think they’d figure that out after the first twenty times.” He folded his arms. “Tch. Idiots.”

“Okay.” Cain bobbed his right leg up and down. He sighed through his nose. “Okay.”

Abel looked up at Cain. “You okay, man? You… claustrophobic or something?”

“Heh.” Cain smiled, then bit his lip. “I wish.”

“Why? What’s’a matter? What’s going on?”

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Non-Fiction Wednesday: My Honest Review of The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

The Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People HelpThe Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer
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In Defense of a Fellow Artist and Human Being

How do you review someone’s life? It’s one thing to review a novel for plot weaknesses, character mishaps, and lackluster prose. It’s another to review non-fiction for its usefulness and persuasiveness. But what happens when the craft elements of fiction meet fact? Should it be judged on its prose? Should it be judged on its structure? Should it be judged like a long essay with a thesis and supporting evidence?

Should it even be judged?

Apparently, yes, it should be judged. Harshly, according to some of the reviews and comments on reviews I’ve seen on this book. Which is why I’m going to take a different approach than I normally would for this review. I’m going to tell you what I think about it, but I’m also going to tell you what I think of other people thinking about it, because I think it’s important to talk about vulnerability and self-image in relation to this memoir.

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