Writing a Short Story Collection (With Your Help!)


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First off, thank you all for your views on my flash fiction pieces and my blog overall these weeks.  It’s been a great way to keep me going and not lapse into droughts.  I know I’ve typically written posts that are in the realm of writing advice and discussion, but I’ve always wanted to prove I really write.  This allows me to do both.

It’s also made me realize something else.

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Short Story Collection, Round 1 Poll Results!

Courtesy of pixabay.com

Courtesy of OpenClipart-Vectors pixabay.com

The results are in!

Or… perhaps, that’s what I would say if things turned out differently.

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Flash Fiction Friday: Anchor Yard


What’s up, everybody? It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday.

This week’s piece is inspired by the Random Image Generator.  You press a button, it comes up with an image, and you make something based on that image.  Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well… that is, if you’re a visual person.  I tend to get inspired more by music than pictures when writing stories.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try something new.

Anyway, here at 900 words, is…

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Short Story Collection Poll, Round 1

As explained in the last post, here is the first poll, deciding which flash fiction story is going to be extended and put in my first short story collection.

If you haven’t read the stories, or can’t decide, not to worry! Here are the links to them (in chronological order of release):

Passive Aggression


Grilled Cheese Sacrifice

The Responsible Alien

The poll closes exactly one week from today.  Happy voting!