Liebster Award (Again)


Another Liebster award, and from the wonderful Megan at Inside the Invisible World.

I can’t thank her enough for nominating me.  I’ve been having trouble blogging lately, due to time constraints and other life needs, but to know that I am a “favorite” or “beloved” blog by another is motivation to keep going and keep writing.

What a great way to say thank you, and also get to know other bloggers.  Because at the end of the day, we are all people with keyboards/phones/iPads/devices and typing/writing away.

Unless you’re a robot.  That would be interesting, but… also scary.

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Five Sentence Fiction: Memories

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Memories? Oh, yes, there were memories. They haunted him every moment they could—her pure white arms, her glittering sapphire eyes, her ample waist… Each of them was but a simple specter slithering in his mind, tormenting him.

For he knew he would never see that beauteous flesh again.

This was a piece inspired by this rendition of an ancient Egyptian love song, and Lilly McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt for this week: Memories. 

On Writing: Clarity

Clear day, courtesy of

Clear day, courtesy of

Writing is communication via the written word.  Sometimes, I forget that.  And sometimes, you, dear reader, might forget that.  You might be writing parts of your novel, poem, essay, or non-fiction, one day, caught up in what you want to do with your poem or the moment, that when you open your eyes, you find this gaping pile of purple prose staring at you.

Or worse, your reader finds it before you do, and it’s too late to change it.

Well… today, I’m here to offer a solution you’ve probably heard before, but explained in a different way.

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