3 Days, 3 Quotes (#1)

Courtesy of pixabay.com

Thank you, Megan of Invisible World, for nominating me for this challenge.  In honor of my study abroad in Japan, I shall post quotes relating to Japanese culture in some ways, via authors, art, etc.

Here’s the first one.

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Reflections Abroad: Aug. 25-Aug. 29

UNIQLO in Kichijoji, photo taken by me

UNIQLO in Kichijoji, photo taken by me.  The mannequins on each of the floors rotated on their stands, displaying the latest fashion in 360 degrees.

I wrote on my blog earlier that I was studying abroad in Japan for three months—the last three months that I will be a student, if all planning goes well.

Yet hardly a week has passed, and I have seen and learned so much not only about Japan, but about myself.  I am starting to believe that I will be a student forever.

I can only imagine what I will learn by the time I return.

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On Writing: Emotion and Writer’s Block

Courtesy of pixabay.com

Courtesy of pixabay.com

All writers have been, or will be, there at some point: in front of a mental brick wall that keeps them from writing.  They will pound it.  They will wonder why they ever started writing in the first place.  They will wonder if their writing will ever be good enough, and then make another cup of tea, and cry into it, and call their best friend, and drink that cup of tea and tears, and try to discuss solutions with that friend only to have them go back to where they started.

Okay.  Maybe not all of those things.

But when some writers hit that point, they are tempted to hit that delete button, and want to throw the whole thing out, or the part they just wrote, without adequately exploring why they are in a bind in the first place.

And I’m here to tell you, as a fellow novelist and contrary to the rhetoric floating out there, having that urge is okay.

It’s what you do with that urge and when you use it that defines you as a writer.

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