Reflections Abroad: Sep.27-Oct. 4

The nice thing about studying abroad in Japan is that I can buy cool things like this album right here.  This is the jazz arrangement album of one of my favorite video games of all time, Okami, where eleven tracks are given jazz genre treatments.

They all sound smooth.

It’s really a shame that these special edition albums aren’t sold in the United States, and that there are so many barriers for global commerce, like import taxes and region locking for video game systems.  If the global market was less restrictive, I’d buy everything in sight.

Exaggerating, of course.  Got to tend my wallet.

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Reflections Abroad: Sep.19-Sep. 26


This is one of the many stores I saw in Jindaiji Temple today.  I think they sold trinkets and food.  I don’t quite remember.

But at least this week, it’s not a picture of food.

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Is This Writer’s Block?

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I’ve written a few posts on writer’s block already, but this is a special one.  It deals with a different problem with writing that I discovered that I have, but it’s been masquerading as writer’s block.

And it’s about to stop for good.

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