Do Something Different #6: Putting Honey in My Tea

Originally posted on my Facebook page.  Written January 22, 2012, revised January 24, 2012.

On deviantART, an artist whom I look up to had a poll that asked about one’s favorite relaxing drink.  (I’ll be summarizing the conversation anyway, but you can see it right here).  I wrote that hot chocolate on a rainy night would soothe me, but now that my colds are flaring up, I’ve taken a liking to my mother’s cinnamon apple spice tea with a dash of milk.  She commented back, saying how my tea sounded delicious, and I told her it was (especially with sugar).  She then told me she uses honey instead.  So I thought I’d give it a try.

Normally, when I use sugar, I use so much of it that it overpowers the cinnamon and spice flavor.  Yet with honey and milk, I can have everything and not have my taste buds flooded.  I am impressed at the quality difference in the tea.  It has a sweet flavor that one would expect, but also a strong, musty decor.  Whenever I drink it, I picture some sort of sepia-toned movie clip of a hardworking farmer and the silence of the countryside, like I’m married to the scenery.  The tea becomes a comforting friend rather than a potent arrow laced with a jarringly sweet substance.  The honey allows you to float through different tides of flavor.

In short, I recommend any tea drink to try honey (and/or milk) in their tea at least once if they haven’t before.  I wouldn’t say it’ll change your life, but I would say that it’ll be a new experience.


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