Two Things That Hit Me Today

1. Life is far too short to spend most of your Fridays watching  re-runs of Teen Titans when the rest of your friends are watching movies in a theater or doing something spectacular.  This isn’t to say I advocate abandoning a sedentary lifestyle or doing what you love (which may be something as peaceful as reading a book writing a story, watching television, etc.), as becoming too active will ultimately drive you away from what’s important.  Everything takes balance, and I’m starting to see that once I transition into adulthood and college life that I need to give more things a try.

2. Why is it easier for us to find the faults in others’ creative works and their personalities, when we are too blind to see the faults in ourselves? I’ve been so caught up in analyzing everything lately that it’s just ruined my view on everything.  I am no expert, and I should relish in the fact that I am not an expert as of yet, because I have the right to enjoy things as they are and not expect anyone to ask me for my opinion.  I need to re-learn what it feels like to have my soul swept up and brought back down, and not ask about the bumps along the way.


4 thoughts on “Two Things That Hit Me Today

    1. It’s strange to think that I’ve always acted older than my age, yet I still love so many childish things (TV shows, video games, etc). It definitely shows up in my writing, I can tell you that much.

      Thanks so much for commenting, “Freia” ;)!


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