Do Something Different #9-11: Chronicle at Night, Crepes for Dinner, and Dijon on a Bed of Green

Last night, as a sort of part 2 celebration to my 18th birthday, I went to see Chronicle at night—something I’d rarely ever do—with my friends, and eat dinner close by.

All that I will say about Chronicle is that I enjoyed it, despite its cheesy resolution and overcooked plot. The use of different cameras in different locations was very clever and made the experience feel less like a movie, which is a good thing. The script was well-written; the characters sounded exactly like their ages.  And I nearly felt a bond with the main character that I wanted to have but shouldn’t have had.  It sucked me in.

I’m only talking vaguely so I don’t give away spoilers, but if any of my thoughts intrigue you, you may wish to see the film.

Afterwards, I was planning on taking my friends to the Cheesecake Factory, but the wait was an hour and twenty-five minutes. So, no go from there. Instead we all ate crepes (at the recommendation of my friend who was much more savvy with the place than I was), which I believed I tried before in some restaurant somewhere, but don’t remember enough to be sure when I had it or if I liked it.  Anyway, the crepe I got at this place was delicious.  Ham and cheese are a match made in heaven for me. It was like breakfast for dinner, and breakfast for dinner is simply something everyone must try.  Next time I’ll try to get something with a little more punch and pizzazz in flavor, but all around, I enjoyed the warm, sweet thing.

Then I saw that they had salad with a dressing I wasn’t used to.  But I didn’t recoil.  I didn’t purse my lips.  I just dived right in — took a bite of it and wham! My tastes buds were hooked around the shoulder by an old friend: dijon mustard. At first I mistakenly called it “honey mustard”, which is what my parents get on their salad at Red Lobster.  But now that I’ve experienced mustard bring flavor to flavorless lettuce leaves, I think I want to give honey mustard a try on my salads now, in addition to dijon mustard — the only spicy thing I think I can tolerate (haha).

So yes, that’s three things in one night alone. Let’s keep them coming 😉 .


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