My Burrito, Bus Ride, and Trip to Barnes & Noble

My entries are slowly getting to be about food, aren’t they? I need to get back to writing fiction, my creative food, eventually.

I go to a Fresh and Easy Express every other Friday or so for lunch as a part of my school’s Senior Lunch pass program.  Every time I go there, I’m surprised by the high quality food for such low prices.  Their prepackaged meals are also full of variety and healthy (if you pay attention to the serving size and calorie count as you eat them, and not be tempted to stuff yourself).  The Express has a coffee/hot chocolate dispenser, microwaves, and even an in-store bakery where you can buy bread, pastries, cookies, etc.  Yesterday was one of those Fridays I decided I would go to Fresh and Easy, and I bought myself one of their carne asada burrito.

Normally, I’m not a fan of cilantro or spices of any kind.  I don’t like the idea of feeling any pain or discomfort when I eat food, and what spice does to my mouth turns me off to it.  But I did like carne asada, and because of that I didn’t read the fine print about the cilantro.  I kind of went, “Eh, what the heck.  It’s carne asada.”  I put it in the microwave, took a bite in 5th period, and was thoroughly surprised.  The last time I had a burrito in a plastic bag was when it came from a school cafeteria, and I thought it was terrible.  But the one from Fresh and Easy wasn’t bad at all.  The rice and black beans complemented the carne asada, and heating it up in the microwave made it warm and all-around good.  The meat part of the carne asada was tough to chew on, but the flavor and texture melded into each other very well.

After school, I took a bus ride with my friend who commented how much she enjoyed riding the bus, even as we were sitting in the back.  No matter how much noise there would be on the bus, she said, you could tune it out and enjoy the scenery.  Unfortunately, I’ve never experienced the joys of public transportation as much as her, but I certainly knew the feeling.  It was like that time I went to Japan on the shinkansen to Nara.  The country side view on a train is beautiful, no matter what train you happen to be on.  It was especially beautiful in Japan from all the greenery.  The bus ride yesterday was beautiful in its own way because of the shops and houses.  Urban sprawl is a bit like its own flower with all kinds of petals.

Once I was off the bus, I walked over to where my mom worked and she gave me a ride to the Barnes and Noble.  After that I was pretty much on my own in the store.  I’d gone shopping before, but usually it’d be with a friend or someone I knew in close vicinity/in-the-store with me.  But everything went well.  I got what I came for, spent some birthday gift-card money, and am looking forward to drawing more with my two latest purchases: The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals (review) and a 8″ x 11″ sketchbook (product listing).

I mainly used the reviews for The Weatherly Guide on Amazon to pick out the book, but Parka, the one who’s review I linked you to, does fabulous reviews for many art books.  I haven’t had the chance to properly study it, but from what I have looked through so far, I am enjoying it.  I’m also looking forward to drawing more in my big black sketchbook, and I find it it funny that Barnes and Noble’s description of the sketchbook says that I’d be able to draw portraits of my friends with its 192-perforated pages.  As much as my ultimately goal for drawing is being able to draw people, is it assuming all I’d be drawing are portraits? I hope not.


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