Last Night and This Morning

Do you remember when I told you about my talent show audition, and then the results?

Well, I decided that I would sing with “Nessun Dorma”, and last night was the talent show…

And I’m still trying to wrap around the fact that the audience started clapping before I was finished holding the final two notes, that there was a standing ovation, and that I won an award for “Best Variety Performance”.  Strangers were complimenting me left and right; I was interviewed by the my high school paper.   And while my rendition had noticeable flaws that I acknowledge, the mark I left on everyone was just…incredible.  Sadly, I don’t have a proper video of the performance on me, but once I do, I’ll let you be the judge.

For a very long time, I wouldn’t let anyone touch my voice.  I loved to sing, but I hated the idea of someone telling me what to do and how to do it (at the time).  So I taught myself.  And so I’d never considered myself an opera singer.  I’d tell people that because I had no formal training that I wasn’t one.  All I had was a very powerful voice, a thing for pitch, and a vibrato I picked up from various tips around the Web.  I also sang nearly every day in my room–singing everything from jazz to pop to musicals to instrumentals.  I wasn’t an opera singer, no way.  Yet when I listen to my voice being played back, I sound like a real opera singer.  It’s crazy, and I almost start to cry when I think about it.  Sometimes I don’t even believe it’s me on that stage.  I think it’s someone else.

That night I outdid my own watered-down expectations.

While I don’t have the actual clip of me singing “Nessun Dorma”, I convinced myself to upload a video of me singing a different song–a VOCALOID song, which is all in Japanese.  If my voice is able to reach strangers and friends, then I cannot hold my voice in my room anymore.  If you don’t like Japanese, don’t watch it.  If you’re curious, by all means, go for it.  Like it or not, I don’t mind at all.  We are all allowed to dislike and like things.

Kaleiyah-P’s Flightless Bird” Cover


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