Watched and Loved “American Idiot”

I’d never listened to much Green Day in the early 2000s.  I heard their songs in and out on the radio or at parties.

Now I got to see the musical = awesome choreography + lovely harmonies + absolutely stunning music and lyrics + a dash of awesome.

I wouldn’t recommend it for children since there was sex, drug use, cursing, etc.  But if you want to hear the story of three best friends in America, please go see it.  You will be amazed.


2 thoughts on “Watched and Loved “American Idiot”

  1. I’ve never been the biggest Green Day fan, although there are a few songs I enjoy. American Idiot was really popular when I was in 5th grade, or maybe early middle school whenever it was released.


    1. Same. 2004 would’ve put me in late 4th or early 5th grade, and back then, I wasn’t mature enough to understand punk and rock. But now that I’m older, it all kind of makes sense to me, and I want to be a little bit more rebellious as a result XD.


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