Do Something Different #14 and #15: Entering a Poetry Contest and Reblogging Through WordPress

Having trouble using the reblog feature on WordPress.  Turning out to be a much more buggier blog platform than I thought.

Anyway, guess who entered A Living Oddity’s 2nd Poetry Contest (a.k.a. her third writing contest ever)?  I haven’t seen any other entries yet, but go check them out on his post right here, and check out mine if you can! I went a little different with my content and style this time (it’s actually rather dark—be warned!), but I hope you like it 😀 !


You and me,

The living room,

And nothing on TV.

You get wine,

I get glasses.

We doze off

Once midnight passes.

Morning arrives

In hazy reds

And bee hives.

Buzzing inside

Our home is our


I want to die.

I say, “Stop it.”

You say, “No.”

We say “Drop it.”

Red lines all

Across my palm.

My “silly face”

Says nothing at all.

Creative Commons License
Hollow by Kaleiyah-P is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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