EDIT: Like a Mitt, My Prom Dress Fit

Well… if this entry doesn’t prove to you that I’m a bit of a girly-girl on the inside… I don’t know what will.  Be warned; gushing emotions ahead.

EDIT: Originally I hadn’t included a picture of the dress, since I thought I’d have copyright issues.  But now the picture dress has been added on. 

No, that is not me in the picture. But that is the dress I’ll be wearing. Click on the picture if you want to look at more dresses by the same company! (Unfortunately, the branch of the company that sells this dress is a wholesale place, meaning that you have to buy as if you were a retailer selling clothes. However, since I found the dress in a retail style store downtown, it’s not unlikely you’d find it. The “sweetiedresses.com” link leads to more dresses by the same company.)

After searching for hours in my town’s Downtown Fashion District—taking off/putting on my clothes, trying to endure the corset-like bridles, I finally came upon the dress that I wanted.  And when I first tried it on, it was in an extra large.  But despite the size I even liked how it looked on me.  It was the first time I said “I like it” over and over again about a dress.  And when they told me to order a medium online, they got my size right.  They told my other and I that after enough times, they can just tell the size of a person straight away.  When I put it on this afternoon, I was ecstatic.  All the other dresses I tried on didn’t let me breathe or felt coarse.  All of the dresses I tried in various stores were beautiful dresses.  But they weren’t who I was.  And then this one came—the third or second to last choice that I looked at, and the store management was so friendly and helped me and my mom out.

Apparently, the dress that I chose is a red number that:

  • [Is] made of satin
  • [Has a] cross-over back w/adjustable string
  • [Is] floor length
  • [Has a] center back zipper
  • [And has a] gathered bodice

It’s not the typical description one might express from a prom dress if compared to my unsupported stereotypes.  Most of the time I see them as ball gowns or short little things, not some ornate adjustable string with an unbalanced flair.  But I like it.  And I’m glad my body responded well to it too.

But yeah, they shopping experience was wonderful, and the dress felt wonderful.  I could breathe in it and I felt light, and if it becomes too tight for me, I can just adjust the strings.

In other words, I think I scored big time.  But I’ll let you know once prom comes around.  It’ll be the first time I’ve ever been at a school dance.  Ever.  You can only imagine what will happen.


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