UPDATE: Solar Eclipse in LA

I’m writing this to you right now at about 5:38 PDT time to tell you that I just viewed the moon take a tiny bite out of the sun.  I’m also very fortunate to have solar glasses to view it with thanks to my mom’s friend of hers.  I’ll try to post as many updates as I can, even if it’s not the best platform for it.


Well, I didn’t see all of the eclipse that would’ve happened, i.e. the annular ring, because my family and I went out to dinner.  However, using my mom’s friend’s solar glasses, I did manage to view a partial solar eclipse.  With the solar glasses on, I couldn’t see a thing around me.  They blocked out everything except the sun.  And so when I saw the little ball of orange light through them, I first thought it might’ve been the moon playing tricks on me.  But I quickly cast aside my doubts.

I’d never seen the sun like that before, so tiny helpless.  It was like I could squash it with my thumb if I could.  And then at about 5:30, the real amazing part began to kick in.  Through the glasses, the tiny ball of light was chipped off at the southwestern corner.  The moon had just taken a little nibble of the sun as if it were a cookie, and would be sweeping over the rest of it in only an hour.

I gave the glasses to my dad, my mom, and my sister, ensuring that we all saw the eclipse with our own eyes at least once in our lives.  And then we went to eat dinner as the fog rolled in.

So yeah.  That’s my story.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the solar eclipse, due to the warnings made by my physics and environmental science teacher not to use a camera to look at the eclipse unless it was a special lens.  However, I hope my words provided enough of an image for you to visualize the eclipse in your own ways.

It’s also a little funny to me as well.  In a story I began to write when I was younger, I had designated my character to be born during a solar eclipse, and some of the characters would be able to see the eclipse happening.  However, if they were human, they’d go blind within hours.  Now that I’ve actually seen a partial eclipse, I have a better understanding of what my characters would have been able to see (with solar glasses if they had the means to produce them, since it’s set in a fantasy realm).  Maybe this means I need to travel to more places and do more.

In any case, I’ll definitely remember this moment to the best of my ability.


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