Do Something Different #16-17: Island Mangos, Tuna, and Parmesan Bread

It’s coming to the point where I try new things without realizing them.  Yet food is easy; I need to do harder things in the future.

My mother drinks a brand of Lipton tea that is called “Island Mango and Peach”.  When she went to the store one day to get more tea during my cold days, she found a Cinnamon Apple Spice tea that I did not care for.  I thought I liked it after a couple of sips, but once I found the spicy after taste, I hated it.  (I’d never been into spicy foods then and still aren’t now.  However, I’m good with mild things.)

Anyway, I decided to try her Island Mango Peach tea, and when I took a sip and closed my eyes, I let a very interesting image appear in my head that I’ll try to let you be a part of.

It would be as if you were on some remote island beach, sitting on one of those folded white chairs and letting the wind ruffle your hair, all while with your body mostly in the shade of you giant beach umbrella.  You don’t know why you’re there, but you feel at peace nonetheless.  Then, coming by in flip-flops, a beautiful lady with tanned skin, long jet black hair, and a orange decal bikini walks up to you, kneels in front of your face with a smile, and holds your head as she kisses you.  The warmth and sweetness would overtake you in an alluring combination of strength as the sugar crosses over your tongue.  Be it the first time you’ve met her or the last time you’ll see her, the relationship you had with her wouldn’t even have mattered.  She’ll come back to you, just like next day’s tide.

From trying my mother’s tea, I’ve confirmed that I enjoy teas with some sort of fruit in them.  I should look for more if I can.

In terms of my sandwich eating, I’m not one that seeks things out.  A Subway Tuna or Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt can satisfy me any day.  On Thursday, I tried Togo’s tuna on Parmesan bread, and was surprised at how well it worked.  While I wished the Parmesan was a little stronger in terms of the cheese having more of an impact, the amount of tuna made up for it.  And the tuna wasn’t bad either; it held much more water than a Subway tuna, which can be a little drier.  Fish and cheese have always been two of my favorite foods, and Togo’s presented a combination that I liked.

Next time, however, I’ll use actually cheese on the sandwich instead of relying on the bread.


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