Day 0 of Anime Expo

Allow me to explain

One of the benefits of growing in a town like Los Angeles is that you don’t have to travel to far to attend the largest anime and manga convention in the United States.  The disadvantage to this, however, is that with all these people come huge lines.  Today was Day 0 of Anime Expo, a day for attendees who registered beforehand via online to pick up their badges so that they wouldn’t be standing in line on the days of the actual convention wasting time.

I am from Los Angeles.  This year, I registered a few days early to save some money on my one-day badge that granted me access to this amazing conference I’d only been to about .  Today, on Day Zero, I was in a line for three hours with other pre-registered attendees who wanted to get their badges.

However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

After listening to the music on my MP3 player for awhile and seeing bubbles float across the sky later in the day, I kept my spirits up by high-fiving enthusiastic attendees in line.  I was able to test my Pokemon skills with a fellow stranger only to find that I was severely under-prepared for her team of three to beat my team of six.  I also talked with a few cosplayers, some of whom started the conversation themselves, at which I was glad.

I’m terrible when it comes to small talk with strangers that happen to be my kindred spirits.  Yet with friends, I might be the conversation starter or follower.  I also don’t believe in awkward silences, because if you’re my friend, there is no need for us to talk unless one of us wants to pose a question or remembers something.

I suppose I’m a Type-B personality in that sense, but nonetheless, waiting in that huge line wasn’t going to be as terrible as I thought it would.

So much for reading about registration-line horrors and watching videos on Youtube.  And while I know that nothing in this world is set in stone, my inner genetics/personality favors order and the known.  I’d never been in a line like that.  By myself.  But the best thing is, I know what it’s like, and it’s not that bad.

I’m glad I’m learning how to get comfortable in my own shoes, because I’ll need to break them in once I get to college.  And this Saturday will be the perfect place for me to learn what it’s like to explore on my own.


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