They Came Early

The sky is keeping itself cloudy, making it one of the coolest summers I’ve ever had.  With only occasional blips of sunlight in the afternoon, the day had also been relatively dark.  It felt strange all around today, except for the Internet, which whirred along quite well.  I, on the other hand, was becoming impatient.  I logged onto the website I’d visited in late June and checked again.  July 9th.  The date hadn’t changed.  The order to find me was sent out July 3rd.  They’d even allowed me to chronicle where they were. 

First they were in Phoenix.  Then they were in Santa Fe Springs.  And now, they were in Los Angeles—where I was.

I was shocked, but shrugged it off once I thought about it.  They told me they’d come July 9th, and with the speed at which they were updating their location, I estimated that they’d come on the date they planned and no earlier.  I’d still have time.

The doorbell rang twice.  I jumped.  The urgency in each ring caught me and my father off guard as we each wondered who’d be at the door.  Would it be a kid trying to sell us CDs? A stranger who means no harm but gives us trouble? More people from Jehovah’s Witness like yesterday? 

… No, it couldn’t be.  They were coming in four days, not now.  That’s what they said.  They couldn’t be here now, could they?!

I was in full-blown denial within seconds.  Yet when my father opened the door and handed me a heavy cardboard box with my name and address on it, I was proven wrong.

My books came early.  Thanks, Amazon.

Hey, guys!

I know I probably shouldn’t be writing about this, since it’s so trivial, but…

I bought something online.  Without having to ask my parents.  For the first time.  Ever.

And it felt quite liberating.

For my first-time experience, I’m very glad I chose a reliable service like Amazon to place my trust and practice maneuvering the Internet.  My books came without a scratch or tear, they were relatively cheaper than if I bought them in a physical store, and they came early! (Yet my dad said they had a shipping center close by, so arriving early might just be a given.) I love it when people run tight ships, and I’ve learned firsthand that Amazon runs a fabulous one.

With that said, the text up the italics is basically a fictionalized, hopefully suspenseful portrayal of what happened a few minutes ago.  And so I hope you enjoyed my first try at a little suspense with a twist at the end.  Let me know in the comments section if you found it riveting, kept you guessing, or if you thought it was really lame.  Don’t be shy!

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