People Actually Read My Comments?

In all my time on YouTube, hardly anyone has ever responded to comments I leave on videos.  Most of the time I try to be nice and polite and criticize the video as if it were a piece of art if it needed it.  Other times, I just find videos that make me laugh, and I leave pointless comments that say whatever my thoughts are.

And what do they invite? Skullduggery.  Malfeasance.


On episode 15 of a 4-player “let’s play” of “Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One” by WiiRikeToPray on YouTube, four men each play a character.  One of the players, Specner, manages to die within the first ten seconds.  In other let’s plays, he’s been known to be a bit clumsier than his other teammates, but they still love him for it, because they all understand that winning isn’t everything, and being horrible at something shouldn’t be degrading.  They laugh with him not at him.  Naturally I find this death-in-ten-seconds funny, and write:

Spencer dying in the first 10 seconds… TOO FUNNY ❤

No offense, Spence 😉

Now, you might notice that the last two words rhyme.  I noticed that while writing the comment, but I didn’t capitalize on the fact that it rhymed, because such words didn’t need to be said.  I had no intention of trying to be cute or the center of attention.  It was a meaningless thought that happened to rhyme.  Heck, I could have used the British spelling to make it even more apparent (I even saw it in my head!)–offence–but I didn’t.  Because I’m.  Not.  Like.  That.

And so two hours pass by, and I receive a comment responding to mine.  Two words from a person we will call J.

That rhymed 🙂

It’s a nice comment.  A neutral one at best.  Check out his YouTube page I can tell he enjoys video games and watches Let’s Plays such as these, and such as I do.  From what I can tell, he can see the humor in coincidences.  He even makes a smile emoticon.  He interpreted me well.

And it may have been because I added a wink emoticon symbol, but another person did not interpret me well.  Instead, the YouTube user named “IHateYourComments” (read that carefully), who has the iconic Troll face as their avatar, replies to my comment saying,

you’re a poet and you didn’t know it!
a rhyme every time!

This is the first encounter I’ve had with a troll.  Literally.  This is the first time I’ve had one try to bait me.  I mean, essentially what this person is saying is this: “You, kaleiyahp, are trying to draw attention to yourself by rhyming, which I hate.  In response, I shall do the very thing that I hate about your comment—using couplets and cliches! Ooh, burn! You must be so offended! Trolololololo…”

As much as I would love to write a far better poem than IHateYourComments’ and that also expresses my pity for people like them, stopping down to their level is not my game.

Writing is my game.  The Internet is my current favorite playing field, with YouTube as a very small stage ranging from civil allies to barbaric competitors.  And sometimes not saying a word to your enemies is just as powerful as knowing you could write them into a corner.


2 thoughts on “People Actually Read My Comments?

  1. I’ve never used Youtube – but it all sounds very odd (particularly someone called IHateYourComments) – what the hell is that supposed to mean – do they think they’re funny or something?

    Not responding is the best thing to do. Trolls have no life, they’re usually critters that sit alone in their rooms making fun of real people until their mother grabs them by the ear and drags them into the kitchen for dinner. This is their power and the only way to shut them up is to ignore them.

    Well done!


    1. I think they think they’re funny. And they hear an artificial laugh track in their mind.

      Someone people tend to respond back with their own harsh insults as a sort of “eye for an eye” thing, because not responding would make them think they won and encourage them to continue to be mean. And to me, that’s okay. But personally, I don’t tend to respond to silliness like this unless it directly offends me, my culture, my values, etc.


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