Do Something Different #19: I’m a Scientist

But I’m still majoring in English.  How is that possible?  As always, allow me to explain.

Beginning in high school, I had a blazing displeasure for math that grew so destructive in my senior year that it could not be put out with any of my math teacher’s teachings—their fire extinguishers.  I hated having to concentrate on how I should get from point A to point B with the tools I was given and refused to use.  Yet I was much better in all of my science classes than my math classes, and I feel that this was the case for me because I believe that science allows people to concentrate on what would happen if I went from point A to point B.  While it is true that a lot of math is involved in various aspects of science, a lot of science is uncertain.  We still don’t know if life could exist beyond the expanse of our galaxies.  We still haven’t found the origin of AIDS or autism.  And yet in science, anything can happen.  In math, it is one solution or certain death.

Now that I have received my textbooks for college, I can’t but help peek inside the one for astronomy.  And what a surprise it is for me to see this written under a Key Concepts heading for Chapter 1:

Science—like art, literature, and music—is a creative human activity; it is also a remarkably powers, successful, and aesthetically beautiful way of viewing the world. – 21st Century Astronomy, 3rd Edition

I consider myself to be a very creative person.  I write stories and music.  I love to sing and act.  I want to be able to draw better pictures.  If what this textbook claims about science is true, then I have affirmed why I have done well in my science classes.  It explains the reason why I would be willing enough to try organic kale, spinach, and chard in my ramen today with…interesting results to say the least.  It explains my willingness to see how my hair fairs without the usual blow-drying or heat styling.

Hopefully, once I go off to college, I will have the willingness to try new things and meet new people with the calm, forgiving personality of a scientist seeking knowledge.


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