Do Something Different #20-21: Raw Fish, New Styles, And 2012 In Review


Last year, five days after New Years Eve, I had told myself that I would test myself.  I would see how many different things I could do and how they affected me.  Unfortunately, I’m a terrible time keeper and historian, so I’ll have to bring you up to speed.

But above all, as I explain it to you, you’ll find that making that resolution was definitely worth it.

  1. Tried the Bay Harbor Lobster Bake at Red Lobster—found it incredibly delicious and filling.
  2. Tried swordfish for the first time—made me yearn for something ‘fishier’ instead of a beef-flavored fish.
  3. Expressed my opinion on a Facebook note instead of letting it burn in my mind—I felt a little better.  Not too much.  Still working on that.
  4. Auditioning and Performing “Nessun Dorma” for my school talent show—one of the best nights of my life.
  5. Refused to use the internet on January 18 in protest again SOPA and PIPA—felt interesting and invigorating to participate.
  6. Put honey in my tea instead of sugar.  I wrote how the sensation made me feel like I was watching “sort of sepia-toned movie clip of a hardworking farmer and the silence of the countryside, like I [was] married to the scenery”.
  7. Created this blog on
  8. Went to a skating rink for my 18th birthday even though I didn’t know how to skate—never doing something like that again!
  9. Saw a movie at night for my birthday with my friends—liked seeing movies late at night
  10. Instead of going according plan, same night we had crepes instead of the Cheesecake Factory—very good ones.
  11. The salad that came with the crepes had dijon mustard on it—loved it.
  12. Wrote fiction in the second person—found it very mentally stimulating.
  13. Decided to write the college selection and acceptance process as a fictional narrative—not very popular, but interesting.
  14. Entered a poetry contest hosted by one of my favorite blogs—didn’t win, but that’s okay.
  15. Tried to reblog something on WordPress for the first time—didn’t go to well, but willing to try it again later when they’ve fixed the bugs.
  16. Tried Island Mango Peach tea—I like it with a lot of sugar, but it’s a favorite now.
  17. Had Parmesan bread on my tuna sandwich from Togo—worked out well.
  18. Made french toast for the first time—with practice I’ve gotten better.
  19. Left a message on the phone by writing it out beforehand and reading it—it cut down the nerves, but left me feeling as though I cheated and should have been more nervous over the phone
  20. Tried raw fish for the first time, and loved it.  The one I love raw the most, I’m finding is salmon.
  21. My hair… That’s a long one to explain. So long it may just need its own blog post or its own book.  But yes….

I’ve been doing things differently with my hair.  Instead of going to a stylist, I’ve been washing it and styling it myself with great results.  I have very curly thick hair, and when younger, I’d have it washed and pressed with a flatiron nearly every month without fail.  Going to college motivated me to find out more about my hair and try to style it for myself.  But as I washed it and conditioned it and use my flat iron, I realized that I was doing the same thing as before—I wasn’t doing anything new.  So I did something different.

I learned about my curly hair and what it likes and I’m loving how I’m learning to care for my beautiful beast of a veteran mane that I never want to put direct heat to again.

But to go back to the year in review, I can say with confidence that I’ve changed.  And doing twenty things differently along with trying new things created the mold that will carve me into a better person.  Cheers for the future, Happy New Year, and hope you all have the courage to do something differently.

Thanks for reading, and hope you keep up with the rest of my adventures if you’re interested.


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