Day 9: He Was Gorgeous (Inspired by Noir)

It was hard to tell which of us caught the other’s glance first.

Perhaps we both saw the candle flicker

In the restaurant

At the same time.

Or maybe it was my thirst that made me reach for my glass of champagne,

My breath catching the flame,

Making the candle flicker,

And snap him out of his trance.

“Heh… Sorry…”

A tiny mutter.

An excuse.

A thin veil behind his true desire.

“No, it’s fine.”

An apology.

A remiss.

A hand to reach out to his dark depths of yearning.

He took it

the moment I took

a sip of champagne.

Not with his own hand, mind you.

But with his eyes.

He took that chance.

“Forgive me… I’m not that hungry anymore.”

He let me lean in closer.

“Do you want something else?” I ask.

He let me corner him.

“You…but I want the murderer too.”

Angel hair upon our table, covered in red sauce.

I smile.  “What says you can’t have both?”


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