Life and Cookies


It’s been awhile since I’ve come to this dusty blog.  how have your summer’s been? Mine has been filled with writing with a good writer friend of mine.

But then I ate cookies.

They were chocolate chip cookies.  A knock-off brand, Chips Ahoy-style cookie.  And it reminded me of when I learned that the chocolate chip cookie was a failed attempt at making a chocolate cookie by using chocolate chips that didn’t melt into the dough.  It made me think of what life would have been like had not the chocolate chip cookie been invented, not for its taste, but for the purpose of humanity to cite this as an example of a mistake becoming something wonderful.

As much as life is full of its quirks, we can always look to the cookie for its brief moment of sweet delicacy and the fact that sometimes mistakes can become crazy cool things we take for granted.

Which makes me wonder: what mistake will I make tomorrow?


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