Buzzfeed-Inspired Prose: The Letter

Saw a post on BuzzFeed today entitled, “What Should You Write Today?“, and by clicking on square number 20, I received my prompt:

You have to go away to an undisclosed location and can only write one letter to one person once. Write that letter.

So, I thought, Well… I haven’t done much writing today.  Might as well stretch my fiction writing muscles.  Who knows? It could turn into something nice.  Some sci-fi thing.  Fantasy.  

Let’s do it.

Also note, that I’m taking this prompt very liberally.  The character writing this letter is not me, nor is the character they are writing it to.



By now, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not in the house.  And you’re right.  I’m not.

I’m not hurt.  And I won’t be hurt.  But some very, very bad people have taken me, and I don’t want you involved in them if I can help it.  I can’t tell you where I am or where I’m going.  If I tell you, and you go after me, you’ll get killed. I don’t want that to happen, which is why I need you to trust me, and read these words I’m writing very carefully.

Don’t contact the police.  If you do, they’ll find out, and they’ll kill both of us.  Take this letter with you, and go to 87 Talon Ave, Apartment #450 on the fourth floor.  Take the elevator.  Don’t take the stairs.   Knock on the door three times with both fists.  If a man with a scar across his left eye opens the front door, read him the following to him the following digits and letters out loud.  Each of them.  Pause clearly at the spaces, like they’re commas:

XO196 23874 09861

If there’s no one that responds after three tries, don’t contact the police even then.  Get out of there Hallendra as soon as you can.  Don’t take a plane or a boat.  Take the car, and drive as fast as you can.  Get underground to “the Inner Sanctum”.   If you see anyone with a book in their hand, or any kind of badge, they’re your friend.  Just tell them the same digits listed above, and they’ll take you there.  If you don’t find anyone, listen closely to the whispers.  Pretend you’re mute, if you have to, to keep from others bothering you.

Connor, I know haven’t been completely honest with you these months we’ve been together, but I promise everything will be clear soon.  I wish I could explain what’s really going on, and my guess is that Hallendra’s media is going to muck it up.  Sadly, I don’t have time.  For right now, I need you to trust me, and I need you to stay safe.  Don’t stray from my directions one bit.




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