New Blog!

Hey there, everybody.  I’ve got a new blog.  I didn’t think I’d ever need another one, but as it turns out, I do.

My intent in creating this blog that you’re currently reading was to share a platform for discussions on writing and as well as share my own writing.  I also occasionally tell you a little bit about my life so that you can understand me as a person better, and that may include some days where an event has me politically ramped up.  (But even then, I’m seriously considering what to do about the “Life” category”).  Lately, I’ve been compelled to write about things such as feminism, gender, and other matters I’m strongly political about.  So, with that, I’ve decided that I’m not going to post the post I intended to write on this blog today, and instead post it on my new blog “On Feminism and Gender“.

Don’t worry.  I’m still going to keep this blog around.  But I’m going to keep it solely on writing, and keep my other thoughts out of it.  Because I know that many of my followers didn’t follow me because I consider myself a feminist, and don’t want to talk about anything but writing.  Writing isn’t political.

Well… actually I take that back.  Writing is, in some form, always political.  More likely than not, all stories say something political without even trying.

But more importantly, I don’t want to abuse this platform and have it turn into a propaganda monster (nor would I want it to, regardless.)  Follow the other blog if you like, and don’t follow it if you don’t.  The last thing I want to do is trap you and force you to listen to me about something you don’t want to talk about.  That would do us no good for both of us.


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