OMG, 100 Followers!

A picture I drew for you guys as a thank-you 🙂

Wow.  Wow, wow, wow!  Thank you.  Thank you all so much 😀 ! This makes me so happy, pumped up, and inspired to blog more!

Speaking of inspiration and being pumped up, that’s what I was going to post about today, so I’ll get right to it.

As many of you know from my Gravatar profile on the right side of this blog, I like to write music, draw, voice act, and sometimes make videos of me singing or just matching pictures to music.  These were all things that I did in high school, which makes me ask, “What made me stop doing them so frequently, and make me focus on writing instead?” I mean, focusing on writing isn’t a bad thing.  It’s what I want to do as a career; I ought to focus on it.  Putting a hold on my other endeavors/hobbies makes sense.

But it’s the summer. Theoretically, I have more time to pursue these endeavors, because school isn’t in session for me (yet).  So, what am I doing here? Hop to it, I tell myself.  Go on! Go draw that picture! Go write that song you haven’t finished.

Here’s the answer:

Looking back at my deviantART page has made me realize something that I sort of already know, but didn’t…. know deep in my heart like I know now.

I beat myself up very, very easily.  I hear one of the songs I’m composing, and I think, “Ugh… There’s so little chord progression.  I don’t know enough musical theory to do what I want to do.  What’s the point?” Or I look at what I’m drawing and I think along the lines of, “Ugh, this looks so ugly and inaccurate.  I don’t know any anatomy to makes this better.  What’s the point?” Or when I hear a recording of myself singing, I think, “That note was so sour.  I sound so wobbly.”  I look at something I’m doing, and I don’t see the positive in it sometimes.

…Okay, not “sometimes.”

“Sometimes” is… an easy word to use.  Let’s be honest.

I do it a lot of the time.  A lot.  It’s the same reason why I get anxious about my future and at moments in my daily life: because I focus on the negative aspects.  I get impatient.

And when I do that, my ability to create gets stifled, and I become lost within the vast expanse of those whom we call “ordinary.”

When I started this blog in January 2012, I, probably like many, thought that I’d get many followers in a short period of time.  But I was wrong.  I kept posting, but I didn’t see any immediate results, and so I got impatient.

But I didn’t give up.  I posted what made me happy, mad, sad, etc.  I posted some originals, some life stories and events.  But most of all, I posted.  And I learned.  I learned about tagging posts, looking at other blogs and informing them of my presence—about what could make my blog a better communication platform to reach out to people like you.

did something about what made me so upset.  It wasn’t mind-blowing-ly game changing, but I did something.

And that’s the key to keeping up with any art or discipline.  Doing.

No matter how bad it gets, no matter how good you become, doing is what separates those who are confident from those who aren’t.

There are soooooooooooo many creative people out there just waiting to break out of their shells.  But what’s holding them back is fear, negativity, and not-so-instant results.  They get wrapped up in the fact that what they produce has to be perfect from the moment they let it out of their systems, but how is that fair to them when they might not have the knowledge or experience to create it? That’s way too much unrealistic pressure.

Creating something, even if it’s bad, shows that you’ve told the world, “Yes, I exist,” instead of “No, I’m invisible.” And if you do it enough, and learn enough about it, you start to get better at it without even realizing.

All of you, my dear followers, are living proof of that.  That because I’ve kept up with this blog for two years, I’ve proven that if I can do something, then I can do greater things down the line.  And so I thank you all once again.

And today, I encourage all of those who read this to do something that says, “Yes!” instead of “No”—to tell yourself, “I did something and left my mark on the world by doing this.” Write that short story, poem, or more of that novel you’ve been working on.  Draw that picture.  Draw any picture! Sing that song.  Make that video.  Grab that recipe you’ve been dying try off the shelf.  It’s okay if you don’t finish straight away, or if it turns out really awful.  There’s always time to learn from your mistakes, and to get better.

Carpe diem!


3 thoughts on “OMG, 100 Followers!

  1. ‘As many of you know from my Gravatar profile on the right side of this blog, I like to write music, draw, voice act, and sometimes make videos of me singing or just matching pictures to music.’ – Blimey, is there anything you don’t do? 😀 No wonder you don’t have time for it all!

    But in all seriousness, this is a great and motivating post. You make a brilliant point. If you want to do it, you should do it. You’ll never improve or get anywhere unless you to do it to start with, whatever it is that you want to do!

    Brilliant post! 😀


    1. Haha, yes. I really should carve out sometime to devote myself to each, but it’s hard to decide! Though, there’s a beauty to the situation. As my aunt put it, I don’t think I’ll ever be bored. I’ll always have something to do or to interest me.

      Thank you so much for commenting and liking my post 😀 . I’m glad you found it noteworthy and motivating. That’s what I’m here for 😉 .


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