Two-Sentence Horror (Happy Halloween!)

Eyes burning with fatigue and fingers aching from punching the keys on his typewriter, Jeff stood up from his desk, plodded upstairs to the kitchen, and brewed himself a much-needed cup of coffee.  When he returned to the dimly lit basement, he set the steaming cup on his desk, eyes narrowing at two words in large, crimson typeface beneath his fight scene—two words he did not type:


In the spirit of Halloween and drawing inspiration from Two-Sentence Horror, I’ve decided to try my hand at some horror, but only give myself two sentences to do it.

And man, I have to admit, it’s a little hard.

But I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  Horror is not my typical genre.  Fantasy is.  But it’s always been a dream in the back of my head to be able to write in multiple genres.  So I need to read in multiple genres and read voraciously.

Though I must say, I think I’m getting the hang of it.  The last thing I wrote in the vein of horror was a short story I wrote awhile back on this blog called “The Candle”.  So, I will say that for anybody who’s thinking of writing horror, what I’ve found is that one should go against expectation.  Things should move when they shouldn’t move normally.  People should not be alone when they should normally be alone.  Things need to get weird and incongruous with reality, because that’s when things get scary.  We think physics can save us by giving us rules, when all it takes is for a rule to break.

And as the writer, it’s our job to break them.


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