Twitter and Tumblr

Ladies and gentleman.

I… have caved.

I have a Twitter and Tumblr account now.


Well… actually, let me take a step back.

Because in truth, I don’t see myself posting on Tumblr or Twitter all that much.  At this point, I consider them sort of “passive” social networks.  Since my WordPress is now connected to them, I don’t have to worry about linking any blog posts to the two.  I can just write one here and they go to both.

Though, I am attracted to Twitter for its ability to create a sociopolitical platform and equalize the playing field between celebrity and fan.  And I admire some of the writing blogs on Tumblr, so maybe I can post Tumblr-inspired pieces of fiction on Tumblr, and have them be rerouted through here.

Eh.  I’ll figure something out.  Or not, and hyperventilate, and start from scratch.  I’m feeling ambitious.

At any rate, if you follow my WordPress already, much of what you’ll see on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts will be links to these posts.  WordPress has been my home for two years, and I’m not giving up on it that easily.  However, I think each social network has its own purpose—some of which can fulfill multiple.  So, do whatever works best for you.  I have no problem with it.

We’ll both be trying new things.


I'd love to hear from you!

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