Audience of One, a brief Christmas piece


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“ ‘And they all lived happily ever after.  The end.’ ”  I closed the book, and placed it on the coffee table.  “So, how did you like it, Max?”

My audience of one titled his head.  He gave a small whine, his brown eyes twinkling against the light of the fireplace.

“Yeah.” I leaned back against the couch.  “That wasn’t such a good one.  But Jimmy and Dave used to like that one.  You remember Jimmy and Dave, right? The two dudes with the monkey shirts? Those black shoes you kept chewing on?”

Max’s tail thumped once against the satin Christmas pillow. 

I chuckled.  “Yup.  You liked all that shoe polish they had.  You liked the smell.  I don’t blame you.  The stuff was noxious.  But I don’t blame you.  They need to stop polishing their shoes so much, anyway.” 

I stroked Max behind his feathery-soft golden ears.  He closed his eyes, and put his head in my lap.

Nothing could have calmed me more. 

I wrote this awhile ago as a part of my daily 150-word ritual.   And, it being Christmas Eve and all, I’d thought I’d share it.  It’s not really a flash fiction piece, or a real piece.  It’s more like a fragment that I could come back to and flesh out.  I had fun trying to depict a dog as a character.

I am trying to get more short stories in the works, though.  So don’t count me out just yet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody!


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