The MFA Aftermath

I mentioned a few posts back that applied to a few MFA programs, and that I was waiting to hear the results:

If I don’t happen to get into the MFA programs I applied to, I will not be sad.

Okay, I’ll be sad because of the time and effort I put into applying.  But… not overly sad.

Not having a degree will not stop me from getting writing done.

Well, the battle is finally over.

I applied to seven MFA programs, out of which only two accepted me.

MFA programs are notoriously small and competitive, so these results aren’t surprising to me.  I’m very, very happy that I got into two programs, let alone just one.  But I also acknowledge some of the sadness I predicted.  Even though I got into two MFA programs, I can’t afford either of them at the moment.

Which means I’ve decided to not attend any MFA program this year.

But this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on getting an MFA.  I still want one.  And there are people out there that believe I would fit well in their MFA programs.  Like I said in my previous post, no one needs an MFA to write, and not having an MFA won’t stop me from getting any writing done.

It just means that I will probably get my MFA later and when I can afford it.  Hopefully, I won’t need to pay for one.  Many MFA programs are fully-funded, offering scholarships, stipends, waived tuition, teaching assistant positions, and more to help mitigate the cost for a prospective student.  But if I do go to a program I have to pay for, I want have enough money to pay it without having to take out a loan.

So… it looks like I’m off to search for a job.  I don’t know what kind yet.  Hopefully something to do with English, writing fiction, teaching, or Japanese.

As always, I’ll try to keep you posted, as a good blogger and writer should.


3 thoughts on “The MFA Aftermath

  1. Maybe you should check out DIY MFA. ( It’s cheaper than MFA programs (a lot of its free) and great for helping you focus your writing and reading more. I found it recently and I feel like its helped me focus my reading more and force myself to build a community. :] Don’t be sad. Perhaps this will work out for the better. Maybe you could do a residency or a seminar to help move your career forward this year.

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    1. I admit, even though I wrote this post a little after I heard from all the schools, that I was still in a pretty rough place. But thanks to you and some of my other friends, I’m getting out of the rut stronger by making plans and getting motivated. Now that I’m not in school, I have much more time to myself that I can use to chart out my life as a writer. It actually feels nice that I’m taking this detour, so to speak 🙂

      The DIY MFA looks cool 😮 ! I still want a tangible MFA degree, but a DIY MFA would definitely boost up my writing skills and give me that community push I know I need. These days, in order to get into an MFA program, it’s like you already have to have the skills of an MFA-level writer -_- . So I’m definitely going to look into it along with other things I’m thinking of doing.

      Thanks for sharing and commenting 😀 !

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      1. I’m glad you’re coming out of it. You don’t really need an MFA to be a writer unless you’d like to teach (which is a good way to support yourself as a writer haha) but taking time off will help keep you from burning out as well. I’m glad you liked the DIYMFA, you might want to check out workshops and residencies if you want more face-to-face time. :] Anytime.

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