Polyamory: A Discussion of Muses and Writer’s Block


Don’t worry, you guys.  I’m not having an affair with anybody.  I’ve never even been in a relationship yet.

Unless you count being creative and have several muses as relationships.

Creative People

According to Sam Bennett in her book Get it Done, if you’re a creative person, chances are you have a wide range of talents and interests, not just one.  In addition to writing, you also might like to paint and appreciate fine art, or sing along to the radio when no one else but you is at home.

Take me, for example.  I like to write stories, but I also like to write music in my spare time.  I’d been taking piano lessons since I was five, stopped around seventh grade in middle school, then started writing music on my own near the start of high school.  I’ve also dabbled a bit into drawing, but I don’t have as strong a connection to drawing as I do music and writing.

Music and writing for me, are very, very old buddies.  I often got inspired as a kid to write stories because of the music I heard.  Listening to orchestral pieces or jazzy swing, I’d envision scenes and characters for the stories I would later write.

Now that I’m experiencing a bit of writer’s block at the moment, the reverse is happening.

And it’s wonderful!

Hot Potato

Instead of being inspired by music, I’m letting myself be inspired by my own story ideas, which is driving me to create thematic compositions related to my story like this one that are easing me out of my writer’s block:

As I wrote in the description on the SoundCloud page for this composition, this is the battle theme (at the moment) between two of my characters in the novel that I’m working on right now.  From listening, you can probably tell it’s quite the dramatic moment.  The violin is harsh and rising, while the piano is a steady, rise as well, like two people arguing over what they believe is right.

Instead of thinking in terms of literature and words, thinking in terms of music and notes and chords is allowing me to see how I can portray my characters throughout the novel.  It lets me feel the emotions I want my readers to feel instead of worry about whether or not they are feeling them.  I now have something to aim for, and something to look forward to when writing so I don’t feel like the block is a block, but more of a detour.

When one muse doesn’t cooperate, the other now steps in and helps me.  I don’t have to choose between my love of writing or my love of music.

I can have them both.

Now, You Try!

If you’ve been having a creative block in a certain medium–whether writing or otherwise, try diving into a different medium with the idea you’re working on as your spearhead.  Try drawing your characters, writing poems about them, or arranging a music playlist that they would listen to.  If you’re into Tarot or Oracle decks, play around with those.  If you like acting or film-making, get a few of your buddies together (if you’re not too shy to share your idea with them) and improv as your characters.

And please, let me know how it goes 🙂 . I’d love to hear from you.


I'd love to hear from you!

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