Flash Fiction Friday: Grilled Cheese Sacrifice

Courtesy of OpenClipart-Vectors from pixabay.com
Courtesy of OpenClipart-Vectors from pixabay.com

What’s up! It’s Flash Fiction Friday once again, for the third time in a row! Hooray for consistency.  I say it’s time to celebrate.  Feel free to celebrate with me if you like.

This week’s flash fiction (surprisingly!) does not come from Chuck Wendig.  I wasn’t feeling the particular challenge for that week, so I stumbled upon some unexpected inspiration: my phone’s autocorrect.

When I was trying to type “grilled cheese sandwich,” it corrected to “grilled cheese sacrifice.”  I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for why it did that.  Maybe talking back and forth with my writer friends, I talked about certain characters sacrificing themselves or what have you.

Needless to say, it became the awesome, quirky prompt.

So here, it is, at a healthy ~500 words.  As always, I kind of write these on the fly, but constructive criticism is welcome.

Grilled Cheese Sacrifice

This would be the day.

Kim’s mother levitated the grilled cheese sandwich wrapped in foil out of the campfire and placed it on to Kim’s paper plate.  As her mother unwrapped the foil with her telekinesis, Kim kept rubbing the red square corner of the picnic blanket between her fingers and offered a small thank you.

Her mother smiled.  “You’re very welcome, sweetie.  And I like those manners.”  Then her mother glanced at the blanket fondling, and smacked Kim’s hand.

Kim flinched.  She felt her mother’s glare like a hot brand.

“Tch.  Mortal minds.”  Her mother stood.  “I’m going to the car to get my sweater.  If that sandwich isn’t bitten by the time I get back…” She let the sentence drag, like always.

Kim waited until her mother turned around to stick her tongue out at her.

Silence.  The veil of all threats.

Well… not anymore.

She glanced her green toy soldiers scattered along the blanket.  General Dusty with his arms behind his back.  Corporal Lancelot with an eternal grin on his face.  All the other corporals she had yet to name.

Private Christie.  With her pony tail.  Glasses.  Salute.

Kim smiled.  Perfect.

She peeled back the bread from the cheese and stuffed Private Christie between the molten strings.  Sandwich in hand, Kim stood from the picnic blanket.  She walked toward the fire pit, the flames rising with every step she took.

Kim took one more glance at the sandwich and Private Christie.  This is how it was supposed to be done, right? She’s seen her mother make tons of sacrifices before.  Rat into the fire when she had a cold.  Cockroaches for coughs.

Grilled cheese sandwich and a soldier for…?

Kim shrugged.  She tossed it into the flames.

Browning and charring instantly, the cheese oozed from the sandwich.   The flames rose higher.  Turned a deep cerulean.  And sighed, with a gentle laugh, as two black eyes crinkled at her.

“Ah, Kimiko…” said a deep, roiling voice.  “Look how much you’ve grown.”

Kim glanced around the park.  Her lips parted.  “Who are you? How do you know my name?”

The flame sighed, sparking against the wood.  “Of course.  You were too young, weren’t you? Too young when your mother banished me from seeing you again, weren’t you?”

“Kim!” Kim’s mother raced down the grass, slipping off her coat to gather magic to her arms.  “Get away from him!”

Kim glanced at her alleged fiery father, and her terror stricken mother.  She had never seen that look on her face, not in all nine years of her life.  Her wide eyes, her shrill plea to return to her side.

Kim stepped back from the fire.  “Not today, Dad.”

The fire reduced itself to a grumbling smolder just before Kim’s mother wrapped her arms around her.

Whoever this entity was at the campfire turned her mother into a different person.

All for a grilled cheese sacrifice.

This.  This she found strange.  Oddly funny, but strange.

She’d have to investigate it later.


Hey, there!

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