Short Story Collection, Round 1 Poll Results!

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The results are in!

Or… perhaps, that’s what I would say if things turned out differently.

Plan A: Polls

So… this is the first time I tried out WordPress’s poll system via  It’s a neat little feature, and I recommend you give it a try if you’re a blogger and are just curious.

The only caveat is that with polls, you need visibility and votes.  And your campaigning has to be pretty en pointe.

Which I don’t think mine was because… the poll for this round was empty.

There weren’t any votes.

It’s okay, though.  I blame myself for that.  I’m new to this.  I’m trying new things.  I probably should have not made the poll block  people in a certain way or had the choices listed differently.  Or perhaps, because this whole collection is going to unfold over a year, people should get a year to review which stories they like instead of just one week.  I understand how much pressure that can be.

But! What I am learning is that there are other systems that I can combine with those already in place.

Plan B: Just Likes?

I’m noticing that my Flash Fiction Friday posts are gaining quite a few likes, and some of you have decided to follow my blog, I think, because of them.  To that, I’ll first say an emphatic, Thank you! Having this weekly challenge and having your stamp of approval means a lot to me.  You guys are the coal that stokes the engine on this blogging train of mine.

Secondly, I’ve discovered that in this case, a poll might not be necessary.  You’ve got a “like” button already on the post.  And, well, if you like it, you like it.  If you don’t, you don’t.  Simple, right? Why use a poll to gauge popularity when I have a button right there that does what I ask?

Still… I want something a little grittier.  A finer method of honing my writing skills and seeing what you, dear readers, are thinking.

NEW PLAN: Like + Rate + Comment!

From now on, instead of using polls, I will try a different system.  I will list links to my flash fiction pieces on the Short Story Collection explanation page so you can read/view the ones you haven’t read.  I will also not limit which pieces goes in which collection by a one-week poll, but how well each piece does overall in the weeks I’ll be doing this.

But on the Flash Fiction pieces themselves, I will include a 5-star rating system like this one:


So, if you like the piece, I ask that you please give it a rating so you can let me know if you thought it was excellent, good, average, or anything in between.  If there was anything you specifically liked or disliked about my piece, please leave a comment as well.  Constructive criticism is absolutely, unabashedly welcome.

Let me repeat that:

Constructive criticism is absolutely, unabashedly welcome.

If you think my flash fiction piece deserved 1-star, please let me know why.  If you think my piece deserved no star at all, please let me know why.  If you were confused, please let me know why.  If you were brought to tears from laughter or sorrow, please let me know why (so I can give you some Kleenex).

I will listen to every word.  I promise.

Now… let’s keep going on this journey, shall we 🙂 ?


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