Trick or Treat! :D

Courtesy of cocoparisiene @
Courtesy of cocoparisiene @

I know I posted a new Make-Write Monday awhile ago, but it didn’t feel right to post just that, given that it’s Halloween.

So, as a bonus Halloween treat for all you lovely readers out there, I’m going to give a spooky-good book recommendation for all you Hallow’s-Eve-spirited readers out there.

It’s called The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town by Gregory Miller, and after I finished reading it a few days ago, I found it to be a very good collection of spooky tales for the autumn and winter months. I’ll do a formal review on it fairly soon, but I found some of the tales inside it ranging from humorous to spook-tacular to gory to downright chilling. To give you an idea, there are ghosts, carnivorous dolls, murderers, puddles that cut off limbs, and strange pumpkin heads shaped like humans all within a town that no longer exists.

I would definitely not classify it as horror for the whole family, but if you think you’re into that kind of fantastical, paranormal stuff, I highly recommend it.  I certainly enjoyed it, and I’m eager to pick up the sequel.

Anyway, that’s it from me.  Hope you’re all enjoying your candy, fixing up your costumes, or taking the kids out trick-or-treating.  I’ll be here, enjoying the golden moon, listening to the Harry Potter score and contemplating life’s mysteries.

Also, let me know if you have any spooky tales or authors you enjoy in the comments below. I’d love to hear them 🙂 !

Happy Halloween!


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