We Shall Overcome

I don’t usually get political on this blog. I even have an entire blog separate from this one where I can talk about politics and other taboo topics in greater detail and with more opinion.

But I just want to let you, dear readers, know that if you’re living in America, like I am, that you’re not alone. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, Muslim or Methodist, gay or straight, I am listening. I am willing to reach across the aisle and talk to you and get to know you, in spite of whatever fears I have about you.

The American presidential election of 2016 has revealed just how afraid we are of each other, and I believe now is not the time of fear. Now is the time for hope, for discussion, for grieving, and for action. Now is the time for art, for writing, for dancing, for filming, for creation, and for mobilization.

We shall overcome. And this, too, shall pass.


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