I’m on Break for Christmas and New Year!

Courtesy of Alexas_Fotos @ pixabay.com

Hey, everybody! Kaleiyah-P here, and I’m on break once again for the winter holiday season — for two weeks this time! From December 24 to January 8, to be exact.

New Flash Fiction Friday pieces will still come out on December 30 and January 6. But during the rest of those two weeks, I’ll be spending time with my family and being curled up on the couch watching “Yuri on Ice!” or reading a good book.

And before I forget, since I won’t be here on New Years’ Eve or Christmas, I just want to say…

Thank you, dear readers.

I know I say thank you a lot, but I mean it. This year has been amazing and weird and chill in its own way. And you’ve been here to see me through a good part of it. Graduating from college, not going to an MFA program, taking a blogging hiatus to get organized, revitalizing my blog with Flash Fiction Friday, voting in a presidential election for the second time, getting published on The Drabble and Visual Verse, finding my outlet — The ambitious part of me wishes that I did more, but the other part of me is just as grateful for what I’ve done this year.

And it feels good to know, dear readers, that you’re with me for the long haul on this.

Thank you. Thank you.

And thank you.

And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone!

Here’s to a bright 2017!


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