Flash Fiction Friday: The Gypsy

Courtesy of luxstorm @ pixabay.com
Courtesy of luxstorm @ pixabay.com

It was all her fault. She started everything. The war, the divorce, the chaos that ensued in the fields.

As blood and spears sprayed around Bartholomeu, the world crashed around him, and so did his insides. Dirt catapulting into his face. The green goblins tearing their land apart so fast, you’d think it was some kind of game to them. Like children. Little green children.

Horses neighing, galloping their last steps. No matter where you looked, there was nothing but gray and grueling and blood and dying for one’s king. Whether goblin or human, or anything in between, there was no stopping it.

No stopping it, unless Bartholomeu had anything to say about it.

Taking his spear from the ground, he plunged into the fray.

He battered soldiers with his shoulders. Roared into the endless night. Cried for his wife and his daughter. For his siter miles away. For the fields of gold that brought him peace and joy, now trapped beneath the bodies of his friends.

One neck rolled. Another fell flat. Another tried to swivel around and see him before he had the chance to cause harm, but it was too late. Swish, flick. Down forever.

Alright, so here’s the inspiration for this little 198-word piece.

First, I used a prompt from The Authors Publish Compendium of Writing Prompts. It called for a random title and a three-minute free writing session. So the words that you see are all the words I wrote in three minutes. No editing except for fixing some minor typos.

Second, as musical inspiration, I used this lovely orchestral arrangement of “Battle Against a True Hero” by The Second Narrator. Perfect for an epic battle, no?

At any rate, holy moly! I really like that exercise 😀 ! I should get into freewriting again.

And if you liked this piece, why not leave a comment or buy me a coffee so I can write even more?

Thanks. And see you next week.


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