Surprise Saturday: Hello, New Name and Email Address :D !

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Hello, dear readers!

Kaleiyah-P here again with…


Excuse me.

Kaleiyah Prose here again with another off-schedule Surprise Saturday post 😀 !

You ready? Let’s jump into it!

Kaleiyah-P => Kaleiyah Prose

I’ve changed my name here on this blog from Kaleiyah-P to Kaleiyah Prose. I decided I had enough with the dash and the P and the fact that I didn’t always know what the P stood for, even though I was the one who came up with the weird moniker.

I decided to change the P to “Prose,” because, well… I write primarily in prose, and I primarily write prose. And yes, those are two different clauses that mean different things. They are not typos.

You guys can still call me Kaleiyah-P, if you want, as a kind of callback to the older days. But for now, Kaleiyah, KP, K-Prose, K-Prizzle — Okay, maybe not the last one, but any semblance to the new name is fine ^_^ .

Updating all my other stuff is going to take awhile, though ._.

Seriously, I have too many social media accounts. I need to do some spring cleaning.

Speaking of more new things and updates…

No More Contact Form!

That’s right! No more awkward Contact form on the Contact page.

Instead, you can now contact me directly at the following email address for all official blog correspondence: That means if you wish that I wrote on a certain topic, wanted to leave me a comment or question, you can now do so with this address with your own email clients.

I used to have kaleiyahp AT gmail, but silly me deleted it way back when >_< . Maybe I knew I had to change the P later.

Anyway, that’s it from me! See you next post with the usual content!


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