Flash Fiction Friday: Gemini

Courtesy of Horwin @ pixabay.com

4:33 AM

Christopher: i wanna tell her :c

Christian: No.

Christopher: but she was really nice on our date :c

Christian: At four in the morning, Christopher? Really?

Christopher: i know, Chris, I know, but srsly :C it’s now or never

Christian: No, it is not. There are plenty of other women out there for us to enjoy.

Christopher: that’s not what I mean, Chris.

Christian: Well, then, what do you mean? Because I hope it’s well worth sacrificing our sleep.

Christopher: i mean… it’s now or never with us

Christian: What are you talking about?

Christopher: you and i can’t exist together anymore

Christopher: you and i aren’t two different people.

Christopher: you and I are the same person.

Christian: Christopher.

Christian: If you and I are the same person…

Christian: Who is pinning you to the bed right now?

Error: Message failed to send. Please try again.

Christopher: stop itttt! get off me!

Christian: Exactly.

Christian: Now, let me ask you again.

Christian: Are you and I the same person?

Christopher: no

Christian: That’s right.

Christian: Now be a good boy, and go back to sleep for me.

Christian: Okay 🙂 ?

Christian: We need to be able to wake up bright and early

Christian: so we can find our next date.

Christopher: ok

Christian: Thank you. Good night, Christopher.

Christopher: good night

Christian has left the conversation.

Christopher stared at his two red cell phones through bleary, tear-filled eyes. He held back his sniffles and curled under his sheets.

Trapped once again.

Taking some inspiration from Natsuki and Satsuki Shinomiya from Uta no Prince-sama this week for this one. I admit that UtaPri is an anime that I had trouble liking the first season, because I was taking it too seriously. For now, in the second season, I’m just watching ’cause I like the pretty artwork and the uniqueness of the characters.

That Saotome principal can go, though.

Anyway, hope you liked this piece. If so, please consider buying me a cup of coffee so I can write more flash fiction in the future.

See you next post!


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