Published on The Drabble Again!

Hey, there! Guess who has two thumbs and got published on The Drabble again?

o/ This gal ;D ! \o

What’s The Drabble, you ask? Well, to quote them, they are “a site dedicated to publishing original fiction and non-fiction works of 100 words or less.” They also publish a quarterly e-zine of the most popular drabble on the site.

Please click here to read my microfiction piece called “Raccoons,” and be sure to check out the other wonderful pieces as well.

And if you’re thinking of getting some exposure, please consider submitting to them.  Take a snippet you have lingering around on your computer and spruce it up to a digestible 100 words or less.  Or make something new and challenge yourself. Put yourself out there.

You can do it 🙂 !

Anyway, that’s it from me! See you next post!


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