Flash Fiction Friday: The Darkness of Doubt

Courtesy of PublicDomainPictures @ pixabay.com
Courtesy of PublicDomainPictures @ pixabay.com

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who created a world all of her own. And in this world, the sun always shined. The grass was always green. The water was always clear. And whatever she envisioned became reality. If she wished to ride a unicorn, one would appear before her, ready to be ridden. If she wanted to become a mermaid, she grew a pink tail fin and swam with all the other dolphins and sea creatures. If she wished to be a princess, she became one and ruled all of the things she created.

All to herself in this world of hers, this little girl was very very happy…

until the Darkness of Doubt threatened to take it all away.

It came without warning. She first felt it as a whisper, a fleeting feeling like the crackle of static shock on one’s fingertips — the feeling that something could go very, very wrong, or was already wrong to begin with.

And on her fifth birthday, as she watched the Darkness of Doubt turn her blue sky black, her green grass gray, her rivers brown with mud, and her creations void of color and life, she ran. She ripped off her princess gown and ran, trying to salvage whatever she could of the ensuing storm.

Soon, she saw nothing but darkness. Felt nothing but overwhelmed with grief and confusion. She held herself, screamed through the chaos around her, cried for help, pleaded in the darkness for someone to save her.

Five knights answered her call.

With his pen, mightier than any sword, the Muse of Writing slashed through the darkness that enveloped the little girl.

With his voice, clearer than an angel’s, the Muse of Music sang to the little girl to ease her fears.

With his paintbrush, brighter than any rainbow in the sky, the Muse of Drawing drew a bridge of flowers to her.

With his feet, faster than lightning, the Muse of Dancing danced across the bridge and swept the little girl into his arms.

And with his guidance, truer than any bird’s flight, the Muse of Acting brought the little girl to safety and directed the other muses to attack the Darkness of Doubt.

With one final blow, the Darkness dispelled and retreated.

For their bravery and sacrifice, the little girl made them honorary muses and their arts her favored methods of creativity.

The little girl’s world returned to normal. Happiness and peace flowed through her Imagination, and she found peace once again.

Peace, that is…

Until the Darkness would return once again.

And again…

And again…

And again.

And again






This week’s Flash Fiction piece came from a very personal place. If you felt like this wasn’t the typical flash fiction piece in that it felt a little too real or individual or particular, you were right in that respect. A lot of the stress that was building up got let out a while ago, and writing this helped me remember that I have my arts to help me out. I’m in a better place now than I was then, but I wrote this as a way to remember that my struggles don’t define me, and that every day I have to fight for that little girl inside me who wants to grow and shine.

If you found this piece meaningful to you or inspiring, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee or any-size contribution you see fit.

And as always, see you next post.


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