The Last Review-Wednesday Ever (…Maybe): Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books by John Tighe

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the retirement of Fiction and Non-Fiction Review Wednesdays here on this blog. Some of you may have been looking forward to a new book review each week in your inboxes, and ironically, I did the Triple Wombo-Combo last week, so if this announcement saddens you, I apologize.

Make no mistake, though; I’m never going to stop reviewing and reading books. I’m just going to stop taking my Goodreads reviews and re-posting them over here. After some blog-evaluation, I’ve made the determination that I want this blog to primarily be about writing. While critiquing and analyzing books in-depth in a review will no doubt help one’s writing, I’d rather go in-depth on one specific aspect of writing than try to cover all the bases at once on this blog. I figure book reviews should be for book review sites, and I also reasoned that I’d much rather tell you what I’m reading about directly than tell you through a review.

As a result, the new weekly schedule will be: Monday Musings, Writing Wednesdays, and Flash Fiction Fridays (along with the rogue Surprise Saturday) every week until further notice. No more switching back and forth between two types of Monday posts and two types of review posts each month. None o’ that.

So! To reiterate, no more reviews on Wednesdays… for now. I will see how things go, and if I don’t like them, I’ll bring them and the old schedule back.

But without further ado, I present you the last non-fiction review I will re-post from Goodreads:

Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books: How to Maximize Your Royalties, Get Paid to Capture Leads and Rapidly Build a Successful Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books: How to Maximize Your Royalties, Get Paid to Capture Leads and Rapidly Build a Successful “Backend” Business by John Tighe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Make Money From Non-Fiction Kindle Books by John Tighe is a nice, friendly introduction into the world of non-fiction Kindle Publishing and marketing. I got it from a gi-mongous book promotion awhile ago that offered a bunch of books as a bundle, and this was one of them.

While I already knew some of the things that were discussed in this book, like the 70%-royalty option on Amazon for Kindle e-books and that pricing matters a lot, it was still very nice to hear them from an understanding and easy voice. Tighe’s enthusiasm and clarity with how he talks about each as aspect of the process really shows his love for teaching, and it’s that kind of voice that I miss these days in some books. He tells you exactly why it creating a series of books will help you get more traffic to your page rather than having a standalone book, the marketing advantages of having print version of your book for sale next to your e-book, and much more.

And although this book doesn’t go into depth on how to necessarily write said non-fiction books that would help your business, it’s still worth reading. It’s a nice way to get your feet wet.

Now What?

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