Flash Fiction Friday: Ghosted


Courtesy of Unsplash @ pixabay.com

Tiffany Evans emptied her second strawberry margarita, listening with a smile to the ensemble ride wave after wave of piping-hot riffs and solos. Was there nothing classier, sexier, and more sophisticated than jazz? She didn’t think so, and she certainly wouldn’t stop thinking so.

It was the only thing she liked about her now ex-boyfriend — that he actually had some decent taste in music.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the sense to keep away from her.

He tapped her on her bare, brown shoulder not once, not twice, but three times before she shrugged him off and stood from her seat at the counter. She didn’t even bother to look. She knew that tap like she knew all the scratches on her daddy’s Duke Ellington records. And even if she didn’t, she’d still know.

Because he’d still be following her, trying to shout at her above the saxophones, the trombones, and the trumpets.

She’d brush him off. She’d weave through the dancers on the dance floor and find a better seat. Maybe flirt with another bartender and get another margarita half off. Lime or strawberry? Lime and strawberry?

No. That would be something Bobby got. She came here to forget Bobby. She came here to let music solver her problems.

So much for that working out.

She felt another tap on the shoulder. She sped through the dancers and jumpers.

Finally, he grabbed her by the wrist.

She yanked away, twirled around, and opened her mouth to scold him.

Only to find he wasn’t there. No Bobby on the dance floor. No Bobby on at the counter. No Bobby anywhere. No Bobby beneath the strobe lights, the classy suits and flapper dresses taking to the floor at the latest remix for all the millenials to dance to.

Tiffany sighed to herself. Bobby really didn’t have the sense of keeping away from her.

Not if she kept letting him in her mind.

This week’s Flash Fiction piece was inspired by this bomb-tastic arrangement of the Final Fantasy VII Victory Theme by Kyle Athayde and this arrangement of Gerudo Valley, performed by the Kyle Athayde Dance Party. I’ve had this on repeat too many times to count.

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And as always, see you next post.


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