Flash Fiction Friday: A Cardboard Box

Courtesy of Justyna Koniecz @ pixabay.com

The only thing I want in my life right now is a cardboard box.

It’s flexible. It’s durable. It’s everything I’d ever want in a piece of furniture. I can use to dance. I can use to sleep. I can use it for just about anything. And I can put things in it when I want to.

I want to get rid of all my things. I want a bunch of cardboard boxes for that. But I don’t have any cardboard boxes. I could ask for the empty ones at Home Depot, but they would probably reject me for smelling the way I do, or being silly the way I am.

I know Jeff has a bunch of boxes, but I haven’t seen him since he decided to stop stalking me.

I guess I must not be worth it to him.

I don’t want to seem like a bad person. I like it when people follow me. It makes me feel like I’m worth something. It makes me feel like I belong somewhere.

I think a cardboard box will fix that. I think a cardboard box will allow me to be a different person, will allow me to be a child again who doesn’t think of cardboard boxes as cardboard boxes, but as places of escape.

I think that’s what I need. I think that’s what I really want. Not a space for my clutter, but a space for my heart. Not a space for dreaming, but a space for my emptiness. Something that will allow me to be myself without actually being myself. Something that’ll let me be a box without being a box.

Because a cardboard box lets you do that. It lets you be flat, then it lets you stand tall. It lets you be protected from the rain.

It lets you wrap it in duct tape, and then seals itself along the street.

Hey, everybody! 

Hope you liked this week’s Flash Fiction piece. I’m trying to get back into free-writing again in order to generate more story ideas and in order to gain more confidence in my writing ability. Most of what you’re reading is the result of a free-write. I had to spruce it up ’cause it had typos, but other than that, I’ve kept it pretty much the same.

If you found this piece entertaining or inspiring, consider supporting me with a cup of coffee or any-size contribution you see fit. If you didn’t like it, please leave me an honest comment telling me why, and I’ll try writing something better next time.

And as always, see you next post.


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