Flash Fiction Friday: The Skinners

Courtesy of Comfreak @ pixabay.com

Everybody knows the Skinners are out for blood, these days. No one wants to talk about it. They’d rather they stay inside and pretend like nothing is happening.

But I know.

I see them. I see their antennas swiveling and crunching around the streets, looking for unsuspecting victims. They’re tired. They’re hungry. They want blood. We don’t want to give it to them.

We need change. We need a way to fight back from the comfort of our own homes. But we’re not going to be able to do that if we just keep walking around and watching them. We need to figure out a way to stop them from regenerating their feelers. We need to figure out their weakness. We need to figure out a way to tell them to screw off. We need something like…

Something like a pesticide, maybe? Something with some legislatvie backing?

Whatever the solution, things are getting desperate. I can’t go into a grocery store without thinking that one of them is going to walk up behind me and take me in its hands and suck the life out of me.

We need to change. We need to grow. We need to get off this planet and go to the next one.

Sally’s got the right idea. I see her stocking up at Walmart. AK-47s, rocket launchers, she’s got all the goods. She’s got the best canned beans — the kind that will last the apocalypse. Unlike the other beans that just last for a couple of years.

I just wish the kids believed us.

Hey, everybody! Here’s another flash fiction/micro-fiction piece borne from a three-minute free-writing session I did in April. Staying away from it for a few weeks really helped me see its potential. And the writing session itself really helped me cultivate my voice and help me stay loose. There’s not much I changed from it other than a few sentences. Maybe I should write for longer session. I’m really digging this creative method. What do you guys think?

And as always, see you on the next post (next Friday)!


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