Flash Fiction Friday: Where Do Hummingbirds Go to Sleep?

Courtesy of Oldiefan @ pixabay.com


“Yes, darling?”

“Where do hummingbirds go to sleep?”

Pidge preened the feathers beneath his left wing and thought for a moment. Then, he titled his head. Then titled his head again before saying, “You know, darling, I’m not entirely sure.”

“Surely they must sleep, though, right?” she said softly. The daises in the grass they sat in quivered in the wind. “They’ve got such little bodies and such large wings. And they fly so fast. Surely the must get tired.”

“Oh, yes. I mean, we get tired of flying about. Why shouldn’t they?”


“Though, if I were to guess where a hummingbird would sleep, I would say that they sleep in trees. Like we do.”

“Not all the time, though. Sometimes, we doze on top of those, erm… those black vines. You know, the ones stretched across those trees with no leaves.”

“Yes, darling.”

“And sometimes, they’ll shock you so hard you forget who you are and what you’re doing and what you’re talking about. Dangerous things. I don’t like them.”

Pidge blinked. “Indeed.”

“Indubitably,” said his maid.

“I must admit, though, darling,” Pidge said, “that you ask some of the strangest questions sometimes.”

His red eyes glistened. “Oh. Oh, dear. I… I’m sorry. Do you want me to stop asking questions? Is it annoying?”

“Oh, no, darling. Never. I enjoy that you ask so many questions. I enjoy that very much about you.”

“You do?”

“Very much so, darling.”

The two pigeons stroked each other’s necks and huddled closer.


“Yes, darling?”

“Where do hummingbirds go to sleep?”

Hey, everybody! Here’s another flash fiction borne from a random thought I had a year ago: Where do hummingbirds go to sleep? They actually do sleep in trees, by the way. But I decided to do it from the point of view of birds to give myself some leeway.

If you liked this piece, please consider buying me a cup of coffee so I can write more awesome fiction like this.

Anyhow, see you on the next post (next Friday)!


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