Match the Light

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“Light the match, Casie,” John hissed. “Do it.”

“But if I light it, then they’ll come.”

“No. They’ll stay back. I promise. Just do it.”

“I don’t know how to light a match.”

“Yes, you do, Casie. Just…” He groaned. “Just swipe the head across the rough part of the rock, and it’ll go.”

“But the light will kill us.”

“The light won’t kill us, Casie! Just do it! You’re the only one who’s got working hands between us. My prosthetics broke.”

“But the dark is good! We can stay in this cave! You and me! Forever! I know we — ”

“Casie! Please! Light it!”

The chittering grew louder.

The rocks rattled.

They were coming.

“Light it! Casie, please! Just do it!”

“But the darkness — ”

“Casie, don’t listen to them! They’re trying to trick you! Just do it!”

The chittering turned to screeching.  Dust puffed up from the cracks in the rock wall.

A spark of flame lit the cave.

Casie’s fanged grin gleamed in the light. “Happy now, Jon?”

Hey, everybody! Thanks for reading to the end. This piece came from a freewrite I did almost three years ago. Back when I still thought you needed two spaces for periods. Crazy, right? I didn’t change much from it, just add a little more resonance at the end. Maybe a little more development. 

Anyway, that’s it from me. See you the next post 🙂

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