Interview With a Waffle Shop

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Anna: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Where Folks At Podcast Live. I’m your host, Anna Bakersfield, and I interview local entrepreneurs to see where they came from and where they are now. With me today, I have the owner of The Whimsical Waffleshop, Quentin Bakersfield.

Quentin: No relation, by the way.

A: Haha, yes. I was just going to mention that. This is the first time we’ve met each other. Funny coincidence. But, anyway, it’s great to have you here.

Q: My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

A: So, to start with, I wanted to talk about your waffle shop. What made you decide to open it? Why waffles specifically?

Q: Yeah, for sure. You know, I grew up in San Luis Obispo, and… I’ll be honest. Things kind of sucked over there. I mean, I’m sure it was fine for a lot of people, but I didn’t grow up with a whole lot. I was an only child. My mom worked four jobs to put food on the table, and often the food on the table was baloney sandwiches. I was not a happy kid, and my mom knew it. So, when I was around ten or so, my mom saved us enough money to take me on a vacation — or at least, what I called a vacation. It was just some hotel we stayed at for a few nights, but I couldn’t be happier. There was a pool, I got my own bed with fresh linens, and at the continental breakfast, there was a waffle iron — you know, the kind you pour the mix and let it sit for two minutes. We never had waffles at home, so you can bet I went to make one. And… I burnt it on my first try.

A: Oh, no! Hahaha!

Q: Yeah, it sucked. It just this black, dented frisbee. My mom helped me get it unstuck and helped me make another one, and when I ate it, I was the happiest kid.

A: And that’s when you decided you want to open a waffle shop?

Q: No, it was actually after college. They had a Jamba Juice on campus, and they had these Liege waffles that they sell for snacks, and I was hooked. I kept eating those for days, and it made me see that waffles are good for just about any time of the day. Want breakfast? Have a waffle and a cup of coffee. Want an afternoon snack? Have a waffle. Want desert? Have a waffle with ice cream.

A: So you’d say that you’re specialty is in Belgian waffles?

Q: Well, I mean, there’s more than just the Belgian waffle. You’ve got your Brussels waffles which are more rectangular, the Liege waffle with the sugar crystals on the outside that get sold at Jamba Juice, potato waffles, waffle cookies and cones — It is the most versatile food that I know of, and I enjoy working with it.

A: Because it brings back so many memories for you as a child?

Q: Yeah. And ’cause my mom liked them.

A: Does she know you’ve opened a waffle shop?

Q: Yeah, she knew.

A: Knew?

Q: She, uh… passed away a few years ago. Breast cancer.

A: Oh, I… I’m sorry to hear that.

Q: Nah, it’s not your fault.

A: No, that I meant for bring that up.

Q: Not your fault either. You’re the one asking the questions, and I bet I know which question you’re going to ask me next.

A: I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

Q: “Why make waffles if you can’t eat them anymore,” right? “Why didn’t you turn your mom into a vampire if she was sick,” right? ‘Cause I’m a vampire. I know your type. Always want to interview me for the wrong reasons.

A: No, no, of course not. That’s not what I intended it all. I didn’t mean any disrespect.

Q: Oh. Guess it’s my turn to apologize.

A: But you said you were a vampire?

Q: Yeah.

A: How did you become one?

Q: Got drunk. Got bit by a frat boy. End of story.

A: In college.

Q: Yeah.

A: I’m sorry. It’s just… I didn’t assume that you were one, but I didn’t think you’d be one either. You don’t look like one.

Q: What, I’m not handsome? I’m not all sparkly like Eddy? Yeah. I get that a lot.

A: No, I d-didn’t meant to imply that you weren’t handsome!

Q: Hehehe, relax. I’m just messing with you.

A: Oh. Heh. Right.

Q: But you are pretty sweet.

A: Okay, now you’re just being creepy.

Q: I’m just teasing, sweetheart.

A: No. That’s enough.

Q: Aww, c’mon, things were just getting interesting. You were just starting to get attracted to me.

A: No, I wasn’t! And if you imply anything else about me —

Q: Hey, listeners. You can’t see this right now, but Anna’s totally red in the face.

A: I’m not! He’s lying!

Q: I’ve seen her walk around my waffle shop every week, you guys. She’s not fooling anybody.

A: That’s because I was debating whether or not you should be a guest on this podcast!

Q: Or if I’d be worthy to ask on a date.

A: That is not — Ugh, I’m cutting the mic. I’m also never releasing this podcast.

Q: Hah! You hear that, listeners? Her podcasts aren’t live! She’s lying to you too! Hahaha!

A: Get out of my office!

Q: You mean, you’re living room?

A: Get out, Quentin Bakersfield!

Q: Ooh… I kind of like it when you use my full–

A: (unintelligible)

Q: (unintelligible)



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