Surprise Saturday: My Patreon Page is Officially Live! + Other News

Hey, everybody! It’s me, Kaleiyah Prose, for the last time as Kaleiyah Prose on this special Surprise Saturday.

Because today, I’m K. A. Parker, and I’m officially launching my Patreon page to the public 😀 !

Embarking on a New Journey

Thank you to those who provided feedback over the weeks leading up to launch. You’ve helped me finally say loudly and proudly to the world, “I am an artist, and I deserve to get paid!”

Of course, I still have a lot of my life left ahead of me. I’ll still be trying to get published in third-party publications and applying to MFA programs in the future. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m down for the count and rejecting the United States economic model of getting a 9-5 job. I’m keeping my options open, but I’m also going to have fun and try new things.

Because I’ll be honest: I’m tired of living a life dictated by fear.

Fun Over Fear

For a long time, I wondered if I could make a living as an artist. I wondered if I could ever be the person that I was in my room when nobody was looking. And after some book-reading, soul-searching, and meditating, I came upon the answer: “Yes, I can!”

There will be moments where I succumb to fear and let it take its hold on me. I’m not perfect. No one is. But if there are moments were I get the chance to be fearless and confident, I’ll take them.

For example, I no longer have the weird anime avatar for my face. Now, it shows my real face. I put up the avatar and other pictures because I was afraid of what people think of me, whether or not I’d gather stalkers, and other irrational fears. I don’t fault other people for having avatars or not showing their face online. That’s up to them. But for me, it was just becoming farcical. I want to be seen. I want to be known. I want to be unafraid of what people think of me.

And to do that, I have to be vulnerable and compassionate with myself by letting myself be worthy of recognition.

Okay, this is a lot of mystical, self-help, mumbo-jumbo, I know. And some of you reading this are like, “Finally! She gets it.” But it’s taken me a long time to get to this moment.

And I couldn’t have done it without you, dear readers.

History Made

So, funny story.

Do you remember the day I announced my Patreon page?

I also gained my 200th follower that day.

To know that my writing has resonated with even one person means the world to me. To know that it resonates with 200 of you on WordPress and even more on Twitter and Facebook is wonderful.

No artist can exist in a vacuum. They may very well try, but they won’t get very far. They won’t be as successful as Michelangelo, who had Medici, or Pablo Picasso with his brother, Theodore.

You will always be my first patrons — the ones who gave me their time and attention in a loud, noisy, blog-filled Internet.

And again, this isn’t goodbye. I’ll still be on the web. I’ll be posting flash fiction pieces and surprises on Saturdays.

Kaleiyah Prose (or Kaleiyah-P, as you first knew her), though, will will be in my heart, and hopefully yours.

So, thank you, dear readers. Thank you all so much. If you’d like to join me on Patreon, head over to

In any case, I will see you on the next flash fiction post 🙂


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