An Argument for Education

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There are things in this world that we will never understand — things in this world that we’ll never truly feel a part of along with things in this world that are beyond the confines of our minds and our hearts.

Which is why now, more than ever, my colleagues, we must educate ourselves.

I don’t mean read books. I don’t mean have discussions around the fireplace. And I certainly don’t mean staring at telescopes at the other planets.

I mean taking our lives into our own hands and stepping outside our rooms once in awhile. We don’t have to reach in to the air for some false conclusion or listen to the words of a prophet. The answer lies right before us: our own intuition and feeling.

We need to educate ourselves, because our race is dying. The Jakari, as a people — as a culture, is not going to last forever We need to explore the possibility of the impossibility that we will die. We know that we can’t die. But what if a meteor comes a long and crash into our drives, where we’ve uploaded our conscious? What are we going to do when our ancestors and previous generations are lost to the wayside and floating in outer space?

You don’t find anything wrong with that? Fine. But is that what you’re going to say to me and to the rest of the children in this galaxy? You’re just going to leave us all here to die? You’re going to fix the planet by sitting down and doing nothing.

I hope not. I hope that we’re not and that you all have some sense to pass this bill.

And with that, I yield floor.

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