The Other Side

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Do you know why I’m wearing orange today?

I know why you’re wearing orange today. I know why you’re here.

But that wasn’t my question.

I asked you if you knew why I was wearing orange today.

Go on. Try it. Try to read my mind.

I’ll wait.

I’m wearing orange today because I wanted to. I wanted to break out my sleeveless orange shirt, slip on my hip-hugging jeans, and walk around the town like I owned it. I didn’t come in my uniform. I didn’t bring my fairy saber or my badge. I came as me.

I admit that I also wanted to spite you. Just a little bit, though. Not too much. If I came in wearing an orange jump suit, that would be far too much. That would drive the point a little too far — make the needle draw a bit too much blood when it passes with the vaccine.

Because that’s the kind of vaccine you like, right? Drama? Violence? Putting fairy sabers to peoples necks and threatening them with their gold?

Really, man. What, in the name of Faye, were you thinking? Were you trying to send me a message? The town? Because it worked. We heard you. Everyone heard you.

Everyone heard you cry and scream and shout like a child, wanting love.

Well, man, I’m sorry. I can’t give that to you. Not anymore.

I’m not your father. I never was, and I never will be.

Maybe some time in this place will help you figure that out.

If our grandfathers, Achilles and Agamemnon, can hold one of the most famous grudges in history, maybe there’s a chance for us to outdo them. But there’s also an equal chance that we won’t.

But I can see that won’t happen any time soon. We both believe we’re far too superior to acquiesce to the others demands. In the eyes of Faye, we’re just as much children as we are the demons that seek to hurt the rest of the city.

Yes, I came here to lecture you. Yes, I came here to spite you.

No, I didn’t come because I wanted to. Your mother wanted that.

I relented for her sake, not for yours.

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