January 2018: Looking Back and Leaping Forward

Hi, everybody! Long time, no see! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate. And if you didn’t celebrate any holidays, no worries.

After three months, I’m finally back from my hiatus. But before I tell you all what I’ve been up to, I wanted to take this time to reflect on last year with an eye on this year as well.

Sound cool? Good. Let’s get right into things.

2017: The Awesome and the Not-So-Awesome

Last year (feels weird to say that — last year was only 15 days ago) was amazing and awesome in more ways than one. It was also not-so-awesome in some places, but just because it was not-so-awesome in some places doesn’t detract from the awesomeness of the year overall.

At this point last year, I heard back from the JET Program with news that I’d move to the Interview Stage. Soon after, in February, I started meditating thanks to the Steven Universe episode “Mindful Education” and the Headspace app, and I have not stopped meditating since.

Then February became March, and I was offered a spot on JET’s wait-list as an Alternate candidate. And while I waited, March became April, and I decided it was time for me to get some kind of a job just to know what it would feel like to have one.

Which is when I became an independent contractor and a freelance shark. And for two months, I was making some decent change. Nothing to pay the bills or make apartment rent, but it allowed me to get experience and actually get paid for helping people, which was nice.

And after that, I started to make more plans. I decided that this would be the year, come hell or high water, that I’d get my driver’s license. And I drew up a commitment contract for an accountability partner to sign and studied the handbook again.

Then, May rolled into June, and my grandmother passed away. My family and I traveled down to New Mexico for her funeral, and although I was sad and shocked at her passing, I was moved by the service held for her and the love during and after it.

And a few days after coming back home from the funeral, I lost one of my best friends. And by “lost,” I don’t mean they died. I mean that they didn’t want to be friends with me anymore. I’m not going to go into the specifics because the specifics don’t matter. All that I will say is that I was deeply hurt by what they said about things not working out for them, but at the same time, I have to remember that I did what I thought was right and what was best in the moment. Some bridges aren’t meant to be kept standing, and that’s okay.

Anyway, from June to August, I was feeling a little rough because those things happened sort of back to back. I was still blogging and everything, trying out Patreon and posts and what have you. But in the meantime, I resumed studying the driver’s handbook, and by September 1, I finally got my license!

And then I took the hiatus in October. And you know what I’ve been doing the past two months while I’ve been away?

Walking or driving to the grocery store. Cooking once a week. Getting published in a small online press. Waiting eagerly for my alpha readers’ thoughts on the draft of that novel I keep mentioning to you guys. Acquiring my TEFL certificate so I have a better chance at teaching English abroad and at home. Listening to the rain outside my window. Reading like crazy after managing to read 110 books last year.

And planning for the future.

2018: Plans and Preparations

It’s only been fifteen days into the new year, and my ambition meter is so high, you’d think I was a Slytherin instead of the Hufflepuff. Though I acknowledge that ambition comes at a cost and that some things are going to get the chopping block — like this blog, for instance.

Rather than returning to my once-a-week flash fiction or three-times-a-week posting schedule that I tried in 2016 and 2017, I’m going to take it easy and post a sort of general update once a month on the fifteenth of every month at the very least. I enjoy blogging and sharing bits of my life with you guys, but — especially this year in particular — I must concentrate on my creative projects like my novel.

Which I intend to self-publish in June.

That’s right, folks.

June. 2018. This year. 

I’ve decided that it’s time.

I’m going to try and do the whole she-bang, too. Get a proper website and professional email address, maybe get an author photo — So much to do, but I have to do it if I want to be serious about this. I also need to get a job, ’cause… being an author is expensive, you guys. I mean, anything start-up wise is expensive precisely because it’s a start-up. The up front costs are the hardest because you have to scramble to recoup them a bit.

So, yeah. There’s that ambition firing up 😀 !

And the next time you see me, I promise to have a more organized and structure post. Maybe include a favored book or some Monday-Musing type thoughts like in last posts. I will figure something out.

Until then, nice to see you all again, and see you on the next post 😉


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