January 2019: Read, Edit, Repeat…

Hello, my wonderful readers, and Happy (Late) New Year!

In case you’re coming out of your Christmas/New Year’s food coma, I’m K. A. Parker, and this is the first monthly update post of 2019. If you follow this blog, it means you either know me from somewhere and want to keep tabs, you like my writing, or some other reason I don’t know.

Anyway, let’s dive into what I’ve been up to.

Last Year and This Year

2018 was a pretty good year. I finally made some headway into the job market, and I’m hoping to be on a plane heading to Japan as an ALT in March of this year. I obviously did not publish my book in June of 2018 because if I did, you would have know about that by now.

But, being published in March is becoming an even more likely reality thanks to the folks over Scribophile and my fellow writers friends. I’m proud to say that it’s close, and if there aren’t anymore plot changes or paragraphs I need to add, this might be the one.

Lots of exciting stuff that I’m chipping away at.

Meeting New People

I met my sister’s boyfriend’s brother and a friend of hers. The friend was in a play that we went to go see him in, and he was great. The play itself was a riot as well. But yeah, meeting new people 😀 Go, introvert-me, for getting out of the house and hanging out with the older folk. Said new people are also into tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, which I both run and play.

Speaking of…

Trying New Things

A few months back, I decided to try out the milestone leveling system rather than using experience points for my campaign. To explain, milestone leveling just mean that characters are given a narrative “milestone” they have to reach, whereas leveling up using experience points means that they need to kill monsters or roleplay in such a way that they advance to the next level.

As it turns out, milestone leveling might just be better that I thought. It emphasizes story, which I like, and it allows me to craft encounters for the players that derive from the players themselves rather than having to come up with an arbitrary goblin or ancient dragon for them to slay. It takes away some of the advance planning I can do, but I think it’s better for me in the long run to learn how to react to my players and their characters rather than drive them down a single path with monsters in the way.


It’s been a very busy but chill January. I suspect things will get even more harried when I try to get the book done and get things set for my new job. In the meantime, I will take in every day as it is.


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