Who I Am

Hey there.  I’m K. A. Parker, known in some places on the Internet as “KaleiyahP” or just “KP.” Welcome to the blog.

By weekday, I’m an Assistant Language Teacher. By weekend, I’m a speculative fiction writer and Dungeons and Dragons player. That’s the short of it.

What I Read and Write

In terms of reading and writing fiction, I primarily gravitate toward the weird, the otherworldly, and the speculative. However, I will read just about anything in any genre so long as its well-crafted and well-told. I enjoy stories that tickle my brain, make me question my morals, and have unabashed authenticity in their style and voice.  Other times, I simply enjoy escaping reality and going on a journey with well-developed characters.

To give a very, very simplified range, I have enjoyed so-called “literary” works such as All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr as well as “genre” works such as the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer.  My Goodreads page is a much better indicator as to what I like and what I’m interested in.

As for writing, I’m the same way.  I primarily write fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction.  However, if a story idea fancies me enough–even though it’s in a genre I don’t usually write in, I’ll likely give it a go. Check out the Flash Fiction Friday Pieces I’ve written so far to see a few examples.

Why I Blog

I started a blog back in January 2012 because I thought it was something all the authors and cool people did. So far, it’s been a pretty interesting journey in sharing who I am and what I enjoy to other people over the internet.

Through this blog, I hope that you find some joy, laughter, darkness, weirdness, or peace among the chaos you experience from day to day or occasionally. Please consider this blog your second home for your eyes and mind–a place to enjoy and contemplate the fantastical and the real, and thanks for stopping by.

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